Hello, it seems that you have a great range of boards here. The only one that is out of control is the MMA board. I have a couple of suggestions about improving that forum.

You are currently getting numerous posts with mmbers squabbling over trivial off topic subjects. Instead of deleting these posts are you able to move the threads to the Open Access forum? This would increase activity in that forum and eventually all the squabblers would get the message and start posting in the Open Access forum.

You could maybe change its name to something cooler than Open Access Forum and I think you might have a cool new forum up and running .

If someone just did a check on the board say every 12 hours and moved off topic threads, I think your MMA board would improve immensely.

You already have fighters such as Ian Freeman coming to your forum, im sure once word gets out that youve taken out the trash others will start to arrive.


Just my two cents worth,

From A Friend.

P.S If you havent responded to this post in 36hours im reposting it in the MMA forum