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  • Indentity Theft

    I was emailed from member whom I am on another forum with, that they had noticed me being yet on another.

    Out of curiosity, I went and checked it out.

    Sure enough, some yoda has my handle.

    What can I do?

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    Stalk him like a troll...

    Silent at first, learn his ways. If you still feel like he stealing something from you... kill him.


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      I done some diggin. I kinda know the guy. I had PMed him from another site. He said that because I hadnt posted in awhile there and other places, he picked up my handle and ran with it. Since I rarely visit tose sites, I guess it aint a big deal.


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        I like Tant's attitude better. I'm Gregimotis on a number of forums and I wouldn't like somebody using my handle and giving me a bad rap.

        Why would somebody use somebody elses handle anyway? I mean 47martial man might be cool to you but it doesn't make a lot of sense to everybody else... unless he's an internet ninja bent on destrying your good name!

        The black spot for him, I say.


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          Hey-the sites he is on, I am not----i guess no big deal afterall


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            Death & Dismemberment to I.D. Thieves!!!

            When you Google "osopardo" you get nothing but me...almost;
            There's others out there using my handle and, bottom line - anybody using my handle risks the Wrath of the Bear - "There can only be ... The One!