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  • E mail notifications to subscribed threads...

    Hey all. Admin, Mike, Tim M. Etc.

    I recently went into my stupid AOL mail center and in the process of cleaning it out accidentally clicked something as SPAM when I only meant to delete it.

    Those function buttons are next to each other but I got in a bit of a hurry and one of my notifications was sent to a "bulk" mail folder.

    I didn't realize my error until the next day when I found fifty odd notifications in the spam folder!

    After I corrected this I was notified in another e-mail (from Mr. Mousel) that this could result in AOL blacklisting defend dot net?

    Anyways... It should be fixed now. The spam filter has been turned OFF and I wanted to appologize for any trouble it may have caused.

    Thanks kindly for the heads up and your time and energy to keep this outstanding forum running. No easy task with idiots like me throwing wrenches into the works.