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  • In search of a list of new styles

    Hey Everyone!

    I used to train in Shotokan Karate for 5 years through SKA. However I trained on and off because I do not like to do all the katas that are intended for traditional styles. However, I love some of the things traditional styles offer. In my training I always want training in the human bodies energy, or "iron body" training. It is imparitive for my training to be based upon those to principals. The strength of the body and spirit is so vital to me. As well as the mind.

    Now I am very much into being a "free" martial artist. This is because I have found that the more I learn, the more I can accomplish and grow. So I do not like to stick to a single style. Nor do I want to spend hours a day working on a kata when I could be shadow boxing or training with a partner.

    I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona and I want to find a few martial art places that will teach me:
    -Iron body, body hardening etc.
    -chi, ki,or energy techniques if thats what you want to call it.
    -Mental focus
    -Applicable techniques with a lot of power, speed, and coordination

    I have been to a lot of places and no one fits what I want. Most places are full of children or athletically challenged adults who do not scare me at all. I want to face strong opponents who are big, who are scary. Who will hurt me. This is the only way I can grow. I have faced people time and time again who do not scare me and it just upsets me and makes me feel like I am not getting the most out of my practice.

    My expectations are very high. I am on the verge of ordering books that fit what I am looking for and possibly joining an MMA gym to practice what I learn on the jocks that call themselves martial artists there. Just because they are big and they are douche bags and hey they'd put up a good fight.

    I love the feeling of stepping into a traditional dojo or place of practice in the martial arts. I love the old styles and their principals. Overall, I just do not want to do kata. Which in my eyes has limited me to ninjutsu, aikido or an mma gym. I do not want to be in an mma gym because they are athletes they do not train for life or death situations. The aikido and ninjutsu places i have found are highly uncredible and mainly focus on the cultivation of preparing children for stranger danger.

    If anyone has any suggestions I am very open to hear them. I have been tirelessly searching on and off for a solution for two years now.