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  • Need some help please !

    I am new here and I am new in the world of martial arts if I can say so.
    I want to begin learning some stuff but I am very confused because I have no one to train with, no partner, no coach, nothing. Just me.
    I have some books with diffrent styles.
    But I wonder: What is I don't understand right what is wrote in the books? And so the position I'll learn or that stuff won't be correct, because I understood wrong from the book and there's no one to show me how is the correct way. With no partner and no coach, how many things could I learn?

    Sorry to disturb, but what I need to know is some tips on what to do, how to start, what could I do so I can get rid of this confusion?

    Does anyone please have some advices or tips for me? Please.

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    Find a reputable martial arts instructor and start taking classes, attend seminars!

    It will be difficult or impossible to learn much of anything from a book aside from the academic knowledge.


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      yes you should learn hands on first then once you understand what martial arts is really about then the books will become useful because there is a science behind it all that you can only learn from a martial arts teacher most of those books arent the real course and are usually people trying to make money by putting about 5-10% of the martial art it self in the book