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  • copntributor qualifications/designations

    I have some questions about the terms 'novice', 'advanced' and whatever else there may be underneath contributors' names. What do they mean and what do they pertain to? Does it just reference one's number of contributions to the forum or is it a reference to what one has proclaimed as his martial arts resume or what? I feel an explanation somewhere so people can see it would be informative, and may help to evaluate the opinions expressed by contributors. Thank you-Steve Wilson

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    Stephen, from my experience on the site, the labels rely strictly on the number of posts you have on the forum. If Tim has enabled it, this forum style allows you to edit your label after a certain number of posts.

    I am by no means a master of anything....



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      The field is:

      Custom User Text:
      This is the title that appears beneath your name on your posts.
      You may enter up to 30 characters.
      Check the reset box if you wish to use the the default title for your usergroup and post count.
      HTML is not allowed.

      If this gets enabled, you can edit your own text. I have done this on other forums. However, if it is set to automatic, the 'rank' is changed after X many posts.