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    Can you enable this field for us to edit?

    Custom User Text:
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    You may enter up to 30 characters.
    Check the reset box if you wish to use the the default title for your usergroup and post count.
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    I am listed as 'Master' and this is a huge misnomer. Unless you put in a qualifier like Master of Fantasy or some other appropriate title.

    If nothing else, change it to Dirtbag for me.



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    I guess that would create some pretty big shoes to fill.

    I personally would like mine to say something like girly man. That way nobody would ever take what I say too seriously.


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      Don't worry Wiz, no one will .


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        Is it that obvious?


        • #5
          Hopefully, they take you more seriously than they do me....


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            Hey SZ apart from the odd dropped stich I think you make some pretty valid points. Just curios what art/arts did you study and to what level


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              I know nothing, I study nothing, I am nothing. At least that's what Greemai said....

              Who am I to argue?


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                Ah Shame SZ poor you apart from the ninjas comment I am serious i looked at your profile and dont know any of the arts mentioned even your website doesnt explain

                Exept for pressing buttons of course


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                  Did you sign the guestbook? Well, didya?

                  Hook me up with a signature and I'll pass along all the 'hidden teachings' of Don Guiseppe's Elite Assassin Squad. (DGEAS rhymes with Bee Gees, but we're not the same group of fellows.)

                  You will, of course, have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

                  Szczepankiewicz the Masked Avenger


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                    I see.

                    Well then check here for my primary school. I am an apprentice-instructor, studying to become a disciple-senior instructor.

                    If you have any questions, feel free to shoot.

                    Also, I have trained here

                    And I will be training here hopefully beginning the first of the year.

                    But the DEAGS train here. Shhh, don't tell nobody.

                    I also train a little here

                    Last edited by Szczepankiewicz; 12-11-2002, 10:17 AM.


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                      Nice I'll pay more attention when your not knitting

                      The first one is very similar to what i am trying to learn


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                        Oh, I see you want to be on the list as well....