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  • Burton Richardson Seminar review

    Hi everyone,
    What a great time i had the past 2 weeks with my personal Coach,Mentor&Friend,Burton Richardson!
    For the First time JKDU hosted a International seminar and classes in the beautiful Sub tropics of Kwazulu Natal South Africa!Burton's visit was divided with most of the time spent in KwaZulu Natal and the rest in Johannesburg.Burton conducted several classes and 2 main seminars.Each session was attended by several non members of JKDU whom all experienced what Performance Martial Arts is all about.The sessions were trademarked by typical JKDU philosophy where evolution of techniques,awareness to ones surroundings,street encounters,combat athletics and most importantly training methods guided the main emphasis of each session.
    EVOLUTION OF TECHNIQUES.Burton shared many new developments especially in our ground game which was evident of his recent visit to the Abu Dhabi and the training and discussions he had with some of the world's top submission wrestlers.I appreciated all the personal time Burton spent with me training and discussing the progress in our new JKDU curriculum and training guidelines,taking my game and coaching to a new level!.Burton will be releasing a new Video series soon which will cover many of the aspects of our new curriculum, so this will be the video's to get for the new year to stay on the cutting edge of Performance orientated Mixed Martial Arts.
    AWARENESS TO ONES SURROUNDINGS. JKDU focuses primarily on Street Self Defense.Burton shared many aspects of using ones surroundings effectively such as:escaping techniques from the various ranges of combat,using the wall/counter/fence/obstacle to ones advantage in both offensive and defensive scenario's, Survival tactics when squaring off with multiple opponents and the use and defense against weapons on the street.
    STREET ENCOUNTERS.The understanding of the intensity of a Street encounter/attack was shared with many real life stories at these sessions.The focus is always to go home safely,but with the understanding that many hours must be spent training progressively against an aggressive skillful opponent in all the ranges.
    COMBAT ATHLETICS.It was quite obvious to those who were exposed to JKDU for the first time that this was not your normal 'Self Defense's School.With Burton's personal motto 'If you want to learn how to fight, make sure you train against someone who is fighting back' those who attended the classes and seminars soon realized the difference between drilling dead patterns and training against an 'alive' resisting opponent and through thus getting some insight into combat athletics.
    TRAINING METHODS.This is one of the most important aspects at JKDU.Burton's constant research in correct training methods to ensure peak performance against a resisting opponent is evident.The way you train is the way you are going to perform is a important guideline to ensure that one always searches for the best training methods possible to ensure effectiveness against a resisting opponent.Various Performance drills were shared and everyone had a great time improving their game against their partners in true JKDU fashion!
    Thank you for a great time and for all the effort traveling around the world to spend yet another two weeks in South Africa! Great news is that Burton will be having yet another weekend camp in the beginning of March next year in Paradise, Hawaii!Hoping to meet some of the forum members at this camp.Make a plan to be there it is going to be awesome,if you cant make it Burton will be in Italy the next month(Apr/May) for yet another cracker of a time in Pizza land..cant wait for this one!Many great things are planned for JKDU in 2004 so keep checking our website out at or Burton's site is scheduled to have a complete make over with exciting new features...High Performance style!

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    It was a great time, and we went through a ton of information, while making sure that everyone would actually retain most of what they practiced. Morne is doing a fantastic job in South Africa, and it is reflected by the large group of students who are progressing very quickly and having a great time doing it. Aloha!