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Awesome JKDU seminar in South Africa

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  • Awesome JKDU seminar in South Africa

    Hi there,

    I would like to thank Sifu Burton for his time, effort, expertise & support the past 2-3 weeks. Just so that everyone know's you all missed an awesome 2 day seminar here in South Africa. High Performance is an understatement the way these seminars are taught and the amount of knowledge that get's passed on!!!!
    To think that it takes almost 2 full days of travelling to get from Hawaii to SA!! WOW this really shows the interest that is shown to help promote JKDU Internationally.
    The guys in Hawaii are really spoilt to have access to one of the best Instructors in the world. So spoilt that i decided to visit you guys in Jan/Feb 2001.

    Sifu Burton Thank you very much. Hope you had a great trip back home.

    Warmest Regards

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    Two days? No, it only took 36 hours. Morne is doing a fantastic job in South Africa, and it is a pleasure to train him and his group. See you in the Islands!


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