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My fellow JKDU members, I need some help

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  • My fellow JKDU members, I need some help

    I have recently added a rope that is 6 inches wide to my training. I am using it to help increase strenght and accuracy. I also added the use of weighted sticks. This is where the help comes in. Do any of you JKDU'rs out in cyber space now any good drills to do. In the system of Escrima I know we have 15 angles of attacks, I have been doing them over and over in different orders and individually and will continue to do so. I was wonder if you have anything to add so I may I have some spice in my life?

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    I suggest you use that rope like it is a live opponent who is trying to hit you. Start out of range, move in with a quick jab or slash, then get out of range with the stick up ready to block. Fake high go low, fake low go high, fake inward to backhand, etc. Move around and use your imagination to see shots coming in that you evade or block, then respond with your own strike or combination. Also, put marks on the rope so that you have a target to go for so that you constantly work your accuracy.

    Great job on your recent test. Keep up the great work.


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      Good advice I will definitely do the faking and treating it as a real person. I have already wrapped duck tape around (about 5 inches wide) it at the head, chest, groin and knee level to aid in targeting. I was thinking if my targeting gets better I would add different colored tape in smaller sections on top of the duck tape.



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        Go get 'em! Aloha


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