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    Originally posted by Liberty View Post
    There is this rare book, Secret Fighting Arts of the World by John F. Gilbey, in which he deatails his quest to find rare fighting arts. In one encounter, he found a guy who's art was his ability to make his breath stink like a city dump - at will - and so bad as to knock one out. The author goes on to talk of the guy's diet for this at-will breath. He relates how that one moment the guy's breath was normal. In the next, at will, it was so bad, he actually passed out.

    I know some will joke about people they know with bad breath, but, though pundits without any research into mind over body arts, will knock it, it's logical this art can really be developed. Here is a link to that book by the way: Secret Fighting Arts of the World: John F. Gilbey: Books
    I have the very first edition/publication of this book. More of a amusement than reality.


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      Originally posted by armlok View Post
      The Magician's Code

      213 pages, U.S. \\$23.99 Canada $24.95, Penguin Press Publishing, ISDN 343322

      A dangerous combination of magic, modern psychology, karate, kung-fu, pankration wrestling, and savate, the Magician’s Network Self-defense System is coming into the
      world scene as an incredibly innovative, highly street-ready martial art system. This action packed book is a beginner’s manual in mastering the highly guarded secrets behind Master Bristol’s lifelong venture. The fundamental principles and techniques of M.N.S.S. shown in the book will display the utter brutality and deceptive effectiveness embodies in the “magician’s style.” Reverting step-by-step illustrated demonstrations of just some of M.N.S.S.’s powerful maneuvers will show you how to fend off even the most highly skilled fighter. Full explanations of body mechanics and physical laws and science are clearly defined to show you how to turn yourself into mechanized human killing machine. Whether
      you are an offspring to the world of martial arts, or a skilled veteran, “The Magician’s Code” will metamorphosis you into the most complete fighter in the brutal world of street combat.

      Chapter 1 The Spider’s Weaving Legs

      Learn the basic sleight-of-hand techniques and coordination exercises to deceive you opponent and end the confrontation within a few seconds. The coordiation exercises will train you to be able to rotate your joints up to 360 degrees. You will have enormous short range speed, agility, and flexiblity.

      Chapter 2 The Rattler’s Lunge

      Harness the secrets of manipulating everyone’s visual perception which will turn your flurry of punches into invisible strikes. Your opponent will literally won’t know what hit him.
      Chapter 3 The Kangaroo’s Pouch

      Palming of weaponry is one of many highly praised tactics found in the M.N.S.S. system. Learn to palm everyday items like scissors, kitchen knives, and baseball bats, and learn how to unleash them to brutally maim your opponent without him being aware of it until he is bludgeoned semi-conscious on the ground. In addition, the art of concealment teaches you how to comforable hide weaponry in body orfaces such as ears, armpits, nose, and anus, so you will be armed with no one even knowing it. You will be taught how to draw these weapons from these areas at a moment’s notice. Master Bristol has used concealment in his stage acts to effectively conceal things such as lock picks, trick cards, show pigeons, and other magical apparatuses. This chapter will also show clips from a high-speed video in which Master Bristol conceals a Swiss Army Knife inside his buttocks. Wearing loose slacks, he plunges his hand down the back of his pants and takes out the Army knife with blade drawn. This is all
      timed at 0.657th of a second. Master Bristol will lead you into reaching such incredible speed and coordination.

      Chapter 4 The Slippery Eel

      Master Bristol demonstrates the Kinetic Tension-Relaxation principle to escape from a straight-jacket. Then he shows how to use this same concept to escape from multiple submission holds. In addition, he will show you how to stimulate your sweat glands to provide lubrication and induce body odor to distract the opponent
      Chapter 5 The Octopus' Tentacles and Suction Cups

      M.N.S.S. grappling derived from roman pankration combined with magician’s principles will help you merciless defeat any attacker in the clinch. Learn the concept of
      the “third and fourth arm,” The opponent will feel like he is grappling with up to four different individuals. Learn “skin surface friction” to lock on any submission hold or trapping maneuver.

      Chapter 6 The Skunk Sprays Its Mist

      Piston spitting is a highly effective distractive and maiming manuever that makes the difference between win and lose in a fight. Master Bristiol shows the oral mechanics behind spitting saliva with enormous accuracy and pressure. Spitting can be used at long distance, in a clinch, or even on the ground. The piston spitting techinque will funnel your saliva into someone’s pupil, causing enormous pain and blinding, allowing you to execute that final finisher.

      Chapter 7 The Howling Wolf and The Laughing Hyena
      Phonetic sounds is an untapped magical instrument in beating your toughest opponent. Through years of research, Master Bristol along with neorologist, Dr. Micheal H. Gellmann have discoverd that certain auditory signals causes the brain to automaticly react bionchemically in distinct ways. These methods have been field tested in combat situations, and similar techniques have been used for years by magicians in hypnotist stage acts to control an unknowing volunteer from the audience. Certain pitched
      sounds will decrease the serotonin levels in your attacker’s brain which will cause him to have an uncontrollable fear of you. Other noises taught will increase the oxtocin
      levels (orgasmic-related chemical) in your opponent’s brain. Your opponent will literally feel that he is falling in love with you for an intermittent moment--long enough
      for you to make the kill.

      Chapter 8 The Bellowing Blow Fish
      Beginner’s exercises and scientific concepts behind Ban’Ligueli will lead you on your way to the art of levitation. Learn the mechanics behind developing what the Turkish calls “piudela” or natural helium. The art requires inducing the body to produce high concentrations of methane and suppression of carbon dioxide which when fuse together creates a natural gas that’s lighter than air. Also special techniques and recipes for ancient herbal laxatives will
      w to reduce gas and flatulence while training. Several mesmerizing, undoctored photographs shows Master Bristol and several of his students levitating several inches off the
      ground. There will also be pictures of assault method using levitation for more advanced students.

      Chapter 9 Bear Gazing Into Sunset
      The practice of “mind boxing” will help any person to react to the unpredictable. Mind boxing helps one train to react to spontaneous situations as realistically as possible without injury . Mind boxing trains the individual to relax he mind, surrendering to his/her natural impulses. The pratictioners purposely creates a daydream of a self-defense situation where he is being attacked by either one or multiple attackers. The mind’s natural impulses take
      control and the imaginary attackers are guided by these impulses. Master Bristol gives step-by-step instruction in developing mind boxing training to help you to instinctively react to just about any circumstance.

      Chapter 9 The Darting Hummingbird
      Dart Shifting, used along with visual redirection tactics, allows one to seemingly disappear from your attacker’s frontal view and reappear in back of him. Dart shifing requires Ban’Ligueli breathing methods to lighten your body weight along with proper body alignment, wieght distribution, and centriputal force. This technique will allow you to dart in any direction as if you vanished and re-immerge in another location a split second later.
      Chapter 10 Fending Off The Paranahs

      Master Bristols provides stills from a video from a demonstration in which he is attacked by nine of his students while he is cooking an omelet. The attack is unrehearsed and the students were given permission to attack Master Bristol with full force. Examine the pictures as Master Bristol disable all nine of his students one by one while continuing to tend to his omelet until he finishes cooking it in 5 minutes with nine of his students either on the ground or fleeing in pain.

      Chapter 11 The Phoenix Speaks
      Master Bristols gives frank, uncensored comments regarding controversial issues. He explains why popular mixed martial arts training used in no-holds-barred competitions are incomplete for realistic combat on the streets. He explains why well-respected martial artists
      today including those who have been successful in mixed martial arts competition are frauds. Master Bristol give undaunted criticism on well-noted individuals like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Gene Lebelle, the Gracies, Harry Houdini, and Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid )

      The Magician's Network Self-Defense System: The Art of Destruction

      We got any members in San Bernadino ??? I'm dying to find out if this is legit. Let's get a pool going to raise $$ for the book, c'mon ,it'll be a great read. I throw in $2 (only $22 more) as my share.

      Jim must study Chapter 3 the Kangaroo's pouch and demo for Burton's mothly vid. ''
      I got you all beat. I just eat lots of garlic. Nobody messes with me.

      Actually, I am learning a martial art method that makes me invisible to everyone unless they have either heat vision, or a laser scope. Once I am in this mode, I then resort to the secret techniques that will instantly paralyse a 6-4, 270 lb Roid raging pro wrestler. Even Mike Tyson will scream for mercy, and cry in pain if you don't release the 'energy point'

      HEY, I have 2 extra copies of the course; available for three easy instalments of only $150.00.

      Wanna buy some fresh manure? I know where you can get it real cheap.

      Happy New Year.

      p.s. I really don't have any of the above. Since it is what everyone is selling, I thought I'd try it too.
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