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    Hello fellow martial artists, My name is James im in connecticut,where putting together a video for test phase 1 I just have one question about the test,and people that have already passed it could help me out big time. the question is about the cover grab knee tie up knee portion of the test. by cover i'm assuming thats the hand defense cover? grab knee, im assuming thats the defense against a knee attack to block with forarms? tie up knee im totally lost, does that mean pull the opponents shirt over his head and knee?? I would greatly appreciate any advice,we have the whole test down except for that part,and i would like to be at least on phase 2 before the year of the dragon is over.....and remember knowing is not enough we must apply....

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    phase 1

    The way this is done (or my understanding of it) is to use the cover as an entry against a punch, you then grab behind the attackers neck (Tie Up) and knee him/her a couple of times. The one being knee'd will block the knee's with his/hers forearms.
    I hope this will help you.
    Good luck with the videotest.



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      Hi James:
      As far as I can tell from your description of the technique, I think Michael is right on track here. Burton may have different things that he likes to see on the video tests, but what he usually requires for Phase 1 here in Hawaii is this:
      You and your opponent are both in left leads. He throws a right roundhouse punch at your head. Crash cover (left palm on the back of your neck with your left elbow pointing forward; right forearm across your forehead with your right wrist tightly bracing your left forearm) and explosively spring forward into grappling range. Tie up Muay Thai style on the neck (grasp with both hands behind the neck and squeeze your forearms together to trap the head), pull the opponent's head down, and knee him in the face, body, groin, or leg with your rear knee. Feel free to mention on the video that I told you to do it this way — I doubt Burton will revoke my certification. Good luck on your test.

      Jim McRae

      PS: Hi, Michael. Hope JKD is going well in Denmark.


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        Hi Jim,

        JKD in denmark is going very well. I have 18 students and will have my own gym (with more classes) very soon.

        Take care, Michael.


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          I know this is a old thread but I just got done filming my Phase 1 test. I did the cover-grab knee-tie up-knee with a front cover, is this cool for the test or not?


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            fcokeefe, If you did it as Jim described in his post, you should be fine. Keep in mind that having a set series of techniques is not important. What is improtant is that whatever you do is functuional and provides a high percentage of sucess against resistence. Crash-coverering is more about timing and/or penetration off your ooponent's forward pressure. This is what gets you in with your opponent's strikes skipping off your cover. Immediatly establishing a grip (MT, head and arm. etc) allows you to fire a knee because your rear leg is already cocked from your penetration.