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  • How to get a stronger punch

    What are some things i could do to get a stronger punch... how bout punchign with weights in your hand does that help at all.. sorry guys im a noob and just need some advive on things i could do??

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    does anyone talk on this forum?


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      Punching harder

      Don't punch with weights, it will hurt your joints not make you punch harder. Hit the heavy bag, lift weights, make sure you have great technique.


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        I agree with Turing but do use heavy gloves like 16oz. Also make sure you wrap you're hands to help prevent injuries to your hand/wrists. Work on your technique Get as close to perfection as possible then work on speed and power.

        Speed x mass= power! Use your whole body that is feet movement waist shoulders. In boxing there is a saying punch with the lats. Basically turn your body into the punch and drive through the target.

        The real key is your technique (to include the all the technical aspects of the type of puch you are throwing and body posture) and with the speed in which you throw the punch.

        There is a whole lot of threads on this in this forum so I’m not going to go into detail much more than this.


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          Push off with the feet, whip your hips into the direction of the punch and snap it with the lats and triceps. About 2/3 of your power comes from leg, hip action.


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            Originally posted by Tom Yum
            Push off with the feet, whip your hips into the direction of the punch and snap it with the lats and triceps. About 2/3 of your power comes from leg, hip action.
            So true!


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              That is an ab training guide. There is one excersize listed there called Full-Contact Twists (Punch like a mule). As their alternate title for it suggests, it should help your punching power.


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                the double hip

                you may want to find some info about this, it is basically to do with the hips movement and timing.

                i think Peter Consterdine has written alot about it.

                try a google search

                apart from that, keep punching the heavy bag, punching is the best way to get better punches.


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                  I checked out that website on the "punch like a mule" workout- I do those all of the time in my strength training class- but to add to those, we also do "Shotput" exercises. You use the same bar (it's called a landmine I guess) and basically use the actual punch motion, only above your head. Stand in the same stance with the bar in your hand, and press it up, then bring it back down slowly. If you do it properly, you should feel it from your ankles, all the way up to your forearms. Something to think about, if you can get your hands on a landmine that is.


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                    Chopping wood and swinging a sledgehammer at a big old tire are also supposed to use the muscles used in punching as well.


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                      I have been suggested that plyometrics can help build some explosive power but I never tried them.


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                        The late Rocky Marciano used to go round upon round on his 300lb heavybag, pounding it full-on each time. Now his punching power was immense.


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                          developing your maximum power

                          i would not take the chance of trying hand weights to develop a stronger more powerfull punch.could very well be debilitating for your shoulder and elbow joints.
                          a more practical method of approach would be to use your own research on this matter of interest.of course developing a stronger more powerfull punch does not always necessarily mean you'll be improving yourself overall as a depends on what type of fighting techniques suit yourself as an individual the most practically.
                          for example if your quick with great reflexes but you do not have a strong punch naturally to begin with you may be wasting your time worrying about developing it.sometimes boxers are best left to be boxers and not try to become sluggers.being the boxing buff i am for 25 years now i can make a legitimate case in point to this theory.
                          back in the late 70's to early 80's a young welterweight was making waves by terrorizing his division much like a young mike tyson did in the mid to late 80's.his name.thomas "the hitman" hearns.a 6'1 welterweight with a 78"reach and the punching power of most heavyweights.if you slugged with the guy chances were you'd be out cold in a round or two,even if you had a deadly punch yourself,like jose cuevas(2nd rd ko victim of hearns).
                          but if you were smart you could choose to utilize your natural skills as a straight on boxer(non puncher)without trying to be a powerpuncher,like even the lowly randy shields did,and promptly went the distance with the monsterously deadly punching hearns,thus gaining the respect of a noteworthy contender who brushed aside the need to be a tough guy in favor of being a survivor.
                          but to those who allready rely on their punching power as the primary tool of their offensive arsenal and who want to further develop it i'd suggest considering a rougher tougher lifestyle.a life which does not make you a particularly happy individual but rather a ticked off or disturbed one,or both.
                          no more fun basically.just the sole focus of being a killer machine.maximizing your potential beyond what was even considered by yourself.they say that fighting is 90% mental,10%physical.that is definetely an overemphasis on the mental part though if i say so myself.i'd say it's much more like 50/ need the physical tools firsthand before you can maximize your potential by utilizing the mental aspect to it's full capacities thus carrying over to maximize the natural physical capacities.
                          so if you generally consider yourself a slugger to begin with and want to take that approach to the next level to rely upon it as your primary source of offense then once again i have to emphasize the crucial element of hardening yourself mentally so that you can put forth the angst and need to destroy in a maximally utilized manner.
                          whether it's to be the toughest,the roughest or the big slugger you have to make the sacrifices necessary to fullfill the goal.
                          i'd say training wise the best thing overall would be balancing the routine regardless if you want to be the roughest,the toughest,a slugger,or a technician/survivor type.


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                            For more punch power,
                            -Try to have the good body punching movement with your hip, Weight Transfer
                            -A lot of Heavy Bag Working, 1 3minutes round each training of Max Power Punch, try to strike the bag with the most explosive and powered Punch you can.
                            -Weight Training, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest and Back "for the punching power"
                            -Plyometrics Punching Training

                            Gain some flexibility and abilities to move your body, Weight transfert.
                            He help you to Punch Faster, Quicker and Really Stronger.

                            Good luck with your training.


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                              can u throw all your weight...?

                              I was wondering if you guys could through your weight, cos I still feel as though I have a long way to go.