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calling all boxing experts (styles)

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  • calling all boxing experts (styles)

    I have a Report due on wensday about boxing styles and i want your opinion on the different boxing styles i have listed below

    counter puncher's

    please add to this with examples and your definitions of the different types or
    feel free to add your own as long as it is well defined

    Thanx in advanced

    ps its due wensday night (2 days) so i would appreciate a fast response thank you

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    PS -do your own homework


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      bang on form Tom

      Kowdip or whatever your name is, do your own fucking homework or we will find you and give you a Boxing lesson boy


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        There's the crab style popularized by many crouch fighters, they basically hold up their forearms to the front to block punches, and sidestep and close in to infight.


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          aww tom figured someone would say that

          husanyan is just an ass hole with a sense of humor so ill ignore him
          (well from this point on)

          thank you koto_ryu

          does anyone else have anything useful to contribute besides the do it yourself point of view.

          as it is i just thought id go to a boxing forum and see what the extreme fans of the sport would have to contribute.


          ps. if u dont have time to contribute its kool im pretty much done with it. just want to make sure my info isnt faulty.


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            yeah, just look over the boxing threads.


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              Man you make statements and labels saying a guy boxes like this or that. each guy does his own thing. I switch leads hands ortho and southpaw and use differnt moves it depends on my foe.
              Cow He man big fat cow man dummy!


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                Originally posted by kow_heman
                does anyone else have anything useful to contribute besides the do it yourself point of view.
                uh huh, do it yourself.


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                  Originally posted by kow_heman
                  husanyan is just an ass hole with a sense of humor so ill ignore him (well from this point on)
                  do ya luv me baby

                  Originally posted by kow_heman
                  does anyone else have anything useful to contribute besides the do it yourself point of view.
                  do it your damn self smuck, what do you think we are, your damn tutor!!??


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                    Boxing Styles

                    There are 3 central Boxing styles

                    Uses a lot of footwork, hand and body movement to keep opponent off guard; the jab is the primary offensive and defensive weapon;

                    "Sugar" Ray Robinsion, Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jr., Joe Louis

                    Uses a lot of bobbing and weaving to keep opponent off guard to land power hooks and uppercuts at close range; usually smaller, stockier boxers.

                    Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, George Foreman

                    Short Range-Clinch Range Fighting Style; Very little true technique; Uses mostly power punches like haymaker hooks and bolo uppercuts

                    Rocky Marciano

                    Within these styles lies several classes of substyles within them used by differ fighters through

                    Boxer Classes

                    Standard Boxing style; Uses alot of hand, body, and footwork to defeat the opponent; arms are usually held in the V-Arm formation; old school use the T-Arm stance;

                    Joe Louis, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya


                    Use evasive, dancing like footwork that keeps them out of the range of their opponent; the jab is their primary weapon; hard to hit, best used by tall and/or fast fighters; arms usually held low to the side for easier movement;

                    Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Gabriel Elorde

                    Low to rising mid stance that is a offensive/defensive hybrid style; springs from this position into either attack or defense; arms usually held low, even in the low stance

                    Roy Jones Jr.

                    Slugger Classes

                    Crouching Slugger
                    Fights from a low crouching stance with a lot of head movement and side stepping, forces opponent to punch down at the fighter; Is confusing to a traditional fighter;

                    Joe Frazier, Rocky Marciano

                    Crab Slugger
                    Mid to Low stance with arm crossed across face and upper chest to protect head and upper body from attacks; better for defense initially, due to the covering nature, but could become offensive if used right

                    Ken Norton, Archie Moore

                    Mid to High stance with Hands held in front of the head just below the eyes with back of hands facing the opponent, keeps opponent guessing whether to attack or expect an attack; exceptional as both an offensive or defensive style

                    Floyd Patterson, Mike Tyson


                    Counter Punchers
                    Attack off an opponent's missed or blocked attack; Usually only throws a punch in order to draw a counter attack; Evasive and confusing

                    Pernell Whitaker, Willie Pep

                    Boxing Masters
                    Mastery of all styles of Boxing. Able to outmove, outthink, and out Box any opponent at any time using any method.

                    Sugar Ray Robinson(The Greatest Boxer of All Time)
                    Sugar Ray Leonard
                    Roy Jones Jr.

                    This is not a definite list, just an idea


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                      1st thank you boxingmaster

                      I appreciate the time you took to contribute

                      I never heard of the cobra or crab styles but when i look at their fights i see what you mean.

                      i know this is not a complete list and most fighters are a combination of different styles im just looking at thm as a whole, because most fighters fight more effectivly out of a single stance and a single style. ( someone said somthing about being both orthadox and southpaw... i think)

                      comon guys im tryin really hard not to flame people atleast be decent in this post.



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                        How about Joe Frasier, also a peek-aboo fighter. Can't forget Ali vs Frasier. Frasier's head movement was phenomenal, probably like Tyson of the 80's.


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                          I wanna be like mike;{

                          I have heard Mike Tyson's style called a Rock'n'Roll approach as opposed to
                          Kostya Tzysu(SP!?) being peek-a-boo.


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                            My style defies all labels. I jus pounce on my foe and just knock him out cold with overwhelming powerforces. not pretty but i win! So refer to me as Boxing Master


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                              Boxing Master,
                              Good job.