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Klistchko vs... whats his face

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  • Klistchko vs... whats his face

    Hey who do u guys thinks gonna win in that fight klitschko has coming up.... Dr. Iron Fist (Klitschko) or... whats his face... i think i heard his name once... but i honestly cant remember... some black english guy I think... I give it to Klitschko he only has 1 inch reach advantage.. but hes 6'7 and the other guy is 6'1 have fun reaching him... uhh... whats his face.... yeah thats his new name. I say Klitschko dominates as long as he doesnt take him lightly.

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    no posts guess everyone agrees with me.


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      Lennox Lewis?


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        Danny William's will win...

        He knocked Mike Tyson out with about twenty unanswered punches as far as I can recall...
        Get your vote's in:
        Someone setup the poll...


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          that's odd

          ..they aren't taking bet's on the fight..


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            No Name = Danny Williams

            Vitali Klitschko -v- Danny Williams

            Klitschko 34-2 33KOs Just lost to Lennox Lewis in June. He actually has a PHD, is said to not have any heart or spirit, but is powerfull as hell. The fight he lost to Lewis was due to a cut. In that fight Klitschko fought his heart out, but the fight was discontinued. He wanted a rematch, but Lewis has since retired. Has only had one fight since against Kirk Johnson.

            Danny 32-3 27KOs is ranked 13 after knocking out Tyson in July. Prior to that fight, he went on a 14 win streak. 12 by KO. He also took the WBU in May and was already a WBO international champion in 1998.

            I'd put my hopes on Danny. I think he really wants it, and hes on a pretty good streak. I think he'll cut klitschko up pretty good. He has a good habit of dropping people in the 6th and 7th round. They're both KO artists so you never know whats going to happen.

            How I call it. Danny Williams wins by KO in the seventh round.


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              How wrong was I?


              "Down for the count" was a recurring theme for Williams.

              LAS VEGAS, Dec. 11 - If Danny Williams had proven one thing with his upset knockout of Mike Tyson earlier this year, it was that he's one tough S.O.B. But toughness alone was not enough to stay in with WBC heayvweight champ Vitali Klitschko, who beat down and battered the game but out-classed challenger from Britian to retain his title with an eighth-round stoppage in front of a charged international crowd at the Mandalay Bay.

              Klitschko, who improved to 35-2 (34), dropped Williams in rounds one, three, seven and eight, and was in control throughout the one-sided but entertaining bout. At the time of the referee Jay Nady's merciful stoppage at 1:26 of the eighth round, Williams, who dropped to 32-4 (27), was down by 10 points on two of the official scorecards, 11 points on the third..

              Williams, who has said that his heroes in boxing are the "Old-School" fighters because of their toughness showed Golden Age-era heart by getting up from each one of his knockdowns, but he did not appear to have a game plan beyond allowing Klitschko to pound him flush with every punch thrown


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                good onya SamuraiGuy..

                so.. is Danny Green gonna beat Markus Beyer in Perth?
                ..he should!! Was told it won't be easy though!


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                  hahaha i watched that fight at 4. 30 am (in britain) and after about 10 hours of television waiting for it that had to be the funniest thing that i had seen.... williams doesnt have the granite chin mentioned in my opinion the guy was just stupid enough to use his strange talent of bein able to stand up and keep his eyes open when hes knowcked out... it was definatley a feeble attempt becuase although he talked a good fight, remembering how much he talked about headwork and moing to the inside .. danny williams did none of that and must have made tyson urge because he did not use tactics anything like a "prime tyson" like he said he would .. normally i woulg give a fighter a bit more respect for stepping up like that but quite frankly i was very pi**ed off to have stayd up till 5. 30 to watch not a fight but a 7 round workout on a huma n punchbag (though williams probably moved less than a punch bag)


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                    Alrite... didnt i call it... a big fat domination by klitschko... I think Williams does have a good chin... or ... heart at least... maybe hes just stupid.. he only threw 44 punches in the whole fight.. compared to klitchkos 296... wasnt that klitschko was outworking him... just that he kept getting to punch the moron in the head... dont know what was up with that guy... was this one of those rockyesque publicity events? hahahha ( i realize it wasnt).. oh and just to comment on the loss to lennox lewis.... Klitschko didnt lose that fight... the ref won the fight... Lewis was losing.. the only thing klitschko had bad was that "cut" ... jeez thats not a cut... thats a scratch for a ukrainian... woman.... the only problem i see with klitschko is he was robbed of the only victory over a real challenge he will probably have in his career..


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                      Hey Samurai, you did call this one.

                      From what I heard Williams was trying to get Klitschko to wear himself down and then come up later. Unfortunately, Klitschko can pace himself and just ripped Williams apart most of the time.