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  • Roy Jones Jnr

    Apologies if you have all seen this before. If you haven't, enjoy.

    100% Talent x 100% Confidence.


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    Good video. Jones is no doubt the best of his era. People who don't follow boxing or know about how it goes think that being undefeated makes the best boxer. The best all have losses, but then again the best have fought all the best.

    Jones has pride and wants to will himself back to excellence again, and I can't blame him, but nothing he can do will ever blemish what he once was. Everyone in boxing knows that. Only critics who never liked him in the first place jumped at the chance to say "See? I told you that he wasn't that good!".

    Top 5 Hall of Famer of all time.


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      Jones had a good chance of being P4P#1 in my book and in many other books as well.

      After he chose not to retire after defeating Tarver the first time, you've got to subtract points from his legacy for not being as smart as we once considered him.

      His ENTIRE career he was a smart fighter and businessman as far as his career went. He waited until his last fight to start giving rematches? He waited until after he went to heavyweight to sweat off 25lbs of muscle in 6 weeks to fight Tarver?

      What was Roy thinking? I personally think that Jones bought into his own hype. He was that good, but he was always human, and the effects of acquiring a heavyweight physique and then destroying it at such a fast rate was the mark of a narcissist. He was no longer pushing himself to achieve greater goals. He was basically reveling in his own hype and it caught up with him.

      IMO, there hasn't been a more skilled fighter ever. Not Ali. Not Johnson. Not Louis. Not Leonard. Not Tyson. Not Mayweather. Not Sweet Pea. None of those guys can trump Jones Jr's skill level, speed or timing. They were great at what they did, but Roy Jones Jr was great all around. He beat his toughest opponents with relative ease and made them look like ordinary boxers.

      So Jones has to lose some points for not STAYING smart. Being the best boxer and staying smart and humble are two different things.


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        I just hope he retires soon. It makes no sense for him to have preached about a fighter's health and life after boxing for years when he's staying around long enough to catch the same abuse Ali got. He makes his fans suffer doing mess like that.


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          I'd pay to watch the guy during sparring.


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