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Striking and Closing Space

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  • Striking and Closing Space

    Been trying to learn dirty boxing for the longest, was happy to find Couture's stuff, but I had an issue because it really didn't teach you how to avoid getting hit while coming in, counter punch and defense when your not throwing blows. Fred Mathakie directed me to for MMA and I was impressed, it really filled in some gaps that I always wanted to know as a wrestler when it came to striking and closing space. Now Im looking for places to test it out, any takers?

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    Default "Blows to the Head"
    Gotta love this

    Blows to the Head: a new boxing book from an unlikely source: A 50 year old female Psychotherapist who is quite the boxing fan. :clap: This should be an interesting read.

    she hosts her own radio show on WPKN Radio and talks up boxing and interviews boxers with respect and dignity. she did a great interview with Lucia Rijker, who has just been inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

    Anyone that gives props to the sport of boxing in print and on air, and supports woman's boxing is OK by me!
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      I thought this was great.. a lot of the clips did make sense.. I just wish they could throw some kicks in there also.. where are you located


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        I am a person who enjoyed the Thai boxing, it's very nice and practical