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  • Headaches, this is seriouse

    Hey, how are you all, i'm new to THIS forum and i want to ask a question that i have searched everywhere the answer to but cannot find the 100% answer...yet.

    these links will give you the whole insight:


    if you can take the time and read those posts you'll fully understand my situation.

    to add to that here's a few more information about the whole case:

    - when i get punched, at the point of impact my head hurts, it's not pain, don't confuse it with pain. it's NOT pain, it's more of a headache. and when i shake my head fast from side to side the ache sort of amplifies.

    - i don't know if any of you are into break dancing but i do it on and off and today i was trying a move called the suicide, that's where you go into a handstand and just come down and collapse on your back. now when i landed on my back i started to go mildly dizzy for about 10 seconds and my head started aching and the ache remained for about 2 and a half minutes.

    - i took an MRI scan but haven't got the official report yet, however since my mum works in the same hospital as where i took the MRI she had a look at the basic report that outlines what the MRI has revealed and from what i found out was that some of my CFS (the liquid between your brain and skull) has apparently moved to the right hand side of my brain therefore causing an imbalance and causing pressure.

    and a second thing the neurologist that i saw prior to the MRI told me that this is what's called a post-trauma migrane/head ache.

    what pisses me off is i don't know 1) how long this is going to last, and 2) if it in any way effects the amount of punishment i can take (i can take some HARSH punishment to the head and still not go down, i've never been KOed in my life, EVER).

    i have become so paranoid about it that i often shake my head quickly from side to side after being hit to see if my head hurts when i do it or not and i punch myself in the jaw to see if it's just me that gets a little dizzy.

    to understand what i mean you gotta do it, i know it sounds a little crazy but this is what you do:

    clench your jaw and quickly snap punch yourself in the jaw. the punch doesn't have to be HARD but don't make it soft, make it pretty firm.

    now is it just me or do all of you also go a little dizzy/get headaches?

    now if you answered yes, because everyone else that i've asked answered yes. doesn't it make you wonder that if a punch like that could make you go dizzy/give you a head ache then what could a full out punch do? ehhh?

    you don't know how crazy this whole thing is making me

    i can't put this whole situation into words, that would be like a lifestory in one post, it's impossible.

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    when i do it, i feel it in my head, but not for long, and not enough to bug me...maybe you need to go against someone better or dtronger if u never been ko', dont listen to me..


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      Lavender is a good material for headache. The European Journal of Neurology published a study showing that a 15-minute inhalation of lavender oil reduced significantly pain caused by headaches. If you are one of people who struggle with headaches regularly, simply follow these steps to put an end to this problem.
      • Mix some drops of lavender and peppermint oil.
      • Rub the mixture over the back of your neck.
      • Inhale the mixture at the same time.

      You can apply this method a few times until you feel better.



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        when i do it, i feel it in my head, but not for long, and not enough to bug me


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          Some years have passed. What have you found out about your headaches? How's your head now?


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            Do an MRI mate :/


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              According to Online Dissertation Masters Help UK Headaches frequently are an indication of different diseases. Viral diseases, strep throat, hypersensitivities, sinus contaminations, and urinary plot diseases can be joined by cerebral pains. Fever likewise might be related to migraines.