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  • Using the Power of Chi

    I met someone on this forum who studies some filipino style. He claims he is learning a new internal defense using chi. In his demonstration video he is making a man charges towards him with a knife. The guy raises his hand and focuses his chi in his hands to create an invisible sheild.

    The opponent then falls backwards.

    My question is how many years does it take to develop such power ? he wont tellme the secret because he says you need to become a sifu before learning this.

    Do the CIA use this stuff ? where can i find training exercises on this ?


  • #2 much as i would like this to be true.....i doubt that it is..i have heard the legends and rumors of ancient masters able to do such things..but untill i am ables to see it....i don't belive i believe in phsycics? telepathy?..telekintics? yes i do(ironic huh) but have seen these things(to some extent) and can say that i think they r this "chi blast" is real and can actually be done...then i would be in line for the next training session..but if u guys r asking about this b-cuz u saw an episode of dragonballz...i think u r wasting ur time


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      don't worry about me the first art i learned was yang style taichi...i am advanced at it now.i know what i am talking about...or r u talking to bpm?


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        Originally posted by HandtoHand
        In 6th grade (my first time in 6th grade) we had a teacher called Mrs. Chamberlain who claimed that people who practiced Tai Chi for many years could blast somebody with their chi, true story.
        LOL. And people are now being fired for having christian "crosses" up in their classrooms? I guess it's because when you're insane, it's not your fault, but when youre chrisitan it is. LOLOL. (I'm not a church goer; last time I went was over a year ago.)

        Tai Chi is good for push hands, and I'm sure there are other good concepts I havn't learned yet, but as far as throwing people from ten feet away, etc. One word "magic", but magic like a trick-- not real. TC is cool, and I'm gonna learn some one day (other than push hands), but I still wouldn't recommend a person who's getting beat up at school to take Tai Chi though


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          Its like all those chi kung masters who claim they can pack chi into a £10 note and break a pencil in half withit...its all bullshit

          Sifu James McNeil demonstrated it on the iron hand course then explained later how he had performed this 'trick' ahahah very funny


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            If you dedicate yourself over many years, and study both Chinese and Japanese systems, the day will come when you can truly attain the level of "Chi Ki".


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              Originally posted by BulletProofMonk
              My question is how many years does it take to develop such power ?



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                "he wont tellme the secret because he says you need to become a sifu before learning this."

                It's all down to psychology. That's the secret.