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    Originally posted by Tameo
    They were going to have a WC team competition against some kind of submission wrestlers and he wanted to see what they did on the ground. Cause WC doesnt focus on ground fighting

    wtf wc sub wrestling team? Damn I wanna fight the whole team then.


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      Same here. Imagine the idiots, Chi Saoing their way as they roll around the floor.

      TAMEO - It's coming out time man. I know it's been fun, and part of you wants to continue. But you have got to be a troll. You just have to be. No one, and I mean no one is this fuckin stupid.

      Except sherwinc.


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        Thai Bri is correct in one thing, when these two Wing Chun sifus "fought" it was a joke and an embarrassment to the art. No WC technique after a Boztepe kamikaze stealth attack from behind.

        However, why doesn't Thai Bri go down to the EBMAS HQ in LA and call out sifu Emin or maybe one of his senior instructors. Let the all mighty Thai Bri display to the world how his MT is better than sifu Emin's WC. If you don't here about the confrontation on this forum or some other martial arts outlet, then you'll know what Thai Bri is really all about.

        TB, if you feel a WC guy would be too easy why don't you come to Atlanta and try a real MT guy like, let's say Kevin Jakub. He's about your age according to your profile. Let me know when your coming so I can videotape it.


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          No problem. But I fight you first. Deal?


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            I don't use my martial arts training or knowledge to challenge or accept challenges from morons on internet forums. And I don't use my ma to ridicule every one on this forum, you do. You're the bully, you're the instigator, you're the one who implies that every one else is inept and that you are the one and only voice of what is good and bad. That's why I ask you to prove it with the very same people and arts you put down. Don't threaten people or call them names. Tell me about history, techniques, experiences you've had during your ma odyssey. I come on here to share and learn. What are you on here for, to call people stupid and promote products? If you offered people a helping hand and some constructive direction I bet you'd sell a lot more of what you are peddlling!

            Why don't you give us all the info you left off your profile and tell everyone about yourself? Maybe you have videos of yourself in action or maybe you've been featured in some ma magazine? To be honest, I'm curious. Maybe you are a superlative martial artist that we've never heard of before? Enlighten us with more than just jabs at other good intentioned people on this forum. Hell if you are as bad as you talk I may want to take lessons from you! I'm always willing to learn something new and effective. I'm the first one to admit that my ma knowledge is but a speck of sand in the ma universe.

            Hey seriously TB, you know what, I want to be civil and intelligent. I know you do too. I'd like my senseis, sifus and guros to be proud of the way I handle myself. Lesson one...defuse, walk away. No one is going to see what I can do unless they break in my house and threaten my family. Then I'll be more than happy to demonstrate my capability. Let's get real. I've been on a lot of ma forums and this is the first time I've ever heard anyone call out a fellow forum member. It's a little bit much don't you think? According to your profile you are 40 years old! Haven't we grown out of all this? I'm very surprised that the forum moderator hasn't banned you. Or maybe he has and you've come back with a different identity? But maybe not, based on the fact that this forum has a smiley face giving someone the finger! Do you know what would really impress me, and probably the rest of the forum readers, write intelligently and express your opinion with respect. Like I said I'm new to this forum. Perhaps I missed all your so-called in depth explanations. If so, direct me or the others where we can read them or keep them on file so you can cut and paste.

            Now I maybe totally wrong here. Maybe TB has been a wealth of information on this forum and he has become so fustrated with all the ridiculous posts that he just lashes out at people. Help me out forum readers, what is up with TB? Am I wrong? Is he just an ass or has he been the source of good intelligent posts and threads?

            Well that's it for me on this subject. You're welcome to call me out, call me whatever name you want and continue to ridicule everyone on this forum. As I stated to you on the other thread, I only reply once per thread. You have all the final words or says you want. Peace.


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              Thanks for that.


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                Originally posted by Thai Bri
                Many say Yip Man's favourite student.......Do they? I don't.

                Responsible for introducing Bruce Lee to Kung Fu........and responsible for Lee's success! And considered by Lee to be the "ultimate fighter". Yeah, right. I never heard Bruce Lee say that, or anything like that.

                Won many challnege matches (except of course when Boztepe beat the shit out of him)

                Yip Man took him under his wing.....presumably favouring him over his own son!

                "It is generally believed" he built the first wooden dummy........ did they call it Willaim? Not by me it isn't.

                The funniest thing is that he no longer claims to have been the only student to have been taught "real" Wing Chun. He used to say that all the time. What happened? Did he get sued for lying?

                The guy is a disgrace and epitomises everything bad about traditional martial arts.

                **Many say Yip Man's favourite student.......Do they? I believe it was Wong Shum Leung that was the favoured student though he "very unCMA about it"

                **Won many challnege matches never heard of one that he's won, I think he leeches off bruce's success

                **Yip Man took him under his wing.....presumably favouring him over his own son! Wong Shum Leung taught most of the students, yip man didnt want to taint his skills by training with the amatures

                **"It is generally believed" he built the first wooden dummy........ did they call it Willaim? yeah right, then he must have created the mook yun jong system while he was at it and wing chun at that.

                **The funniest thing is that he no longer claims to have been the only student to have been taught "real" Wing Chun. He used to say that all the time. What happened? He got beaten up remember!!!!???!!!He even said that Yip man taught him the secrets of wing chun(probably told him to keep his mouth shut)!


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                  I found that the traditional wc is better because of 50/50 weight distribution, no leaning on back foot when you move, enabling you to move much faster and have more balance. Also the hand movements are better i think because for example- the bong-sao is more extended, so it does not collapse when it meets to much resistance. It deflects a punch better that way. The twc guard is better because it protects your head better. The footwork is different cause in twc we step toe-heel, and have 50/50 balance, and don’t pivot the feet like the modified wcers do. We lift are feet to step around opponent's leg, and the pivoting can be good on a slippery floor, but if your on a rough surface you cant pivot as well and you become slower with your footwork. In twc it doesn’t matter what surface you are on because you lift your feet more. i noticed the modified wcers are pretty good at really close range like elbow range therefore really good at chi-sao, but are really bad when they are a little further out, at wrist range and kicking range. I noticed when I spar a modified wc dude he tries to jump into really close range, because he sucks in wrist range. Thats just my oppinion and reasons why i do twc instead of some other lineage.


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                    How many lineages call themselves "traditional"?


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                      Im talking about the lineage that William Cheung teaches


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                        Yes, the non Traditional one. He calls it traditiona as, of course, he holds on to his absurd claim that only he (and now a few others) was taught real Wing Chun. He is as credible as sherwinc convinced.


                        When Master make challenge, accept challenge and get arse kicked, Master fake Master when he waits 15 years and pretends he won convinced.


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                          The clip you see on the internet with boztepe and cheung is a heavily edited clip which makes boztepe look like he is in control. If you want to see what really happened find the original clip with cheung push kicking boztepe, and actually ull see that boztepe wouldnt have a chance were it a real fight and not a gay ambush.


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                            Lets see the original then. Post it so we can all be educated.

                            And as for Boztepe wouldn't have had a chance but for the ambush:-

                            1. It wasn't an ambush. No one came up with that daft idea for 15 years.
                            2. Did Cheung win or not? You cannot logically say "Cheung won, but would not have lost but for the fact he was ambushed"



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                              I call getting surounded by a crowd of people with camera's and then one guy starting to talk shit and attacking you an ambush.


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                                "Grandmaster William Cheung, of Traditional Wing Chun, had been asked to take time out of his busy seminar schedule to give a special two day seminar in Germany. Always happy to accommodate people, Grandmaster Cheung added the two days, unknowingly stepping in to a detailed plan set up by Leung Ting to defame him. The end result was an illegally distributed and highly edited video clip that wound up as an addition to Leung Ting's video tape Dynamic Wing Tsun, and did nothing more but to further hurt the image of Wing Chun Kung Fu."