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Chi is Real Brothers ignore the skeptics

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  • Chi is Real Brothers ignore the skeptics

    Hi Brothers,

    Indeed chi is real and it is the life force which compounds us all.

    Once one develops and manipulates chi he is able to utilize it protect
    himself from danger. The chi can help build the 6 th sense that our
    ancestors once had but have lost since we became "civil".

    I recall after performing a heavy chi kung session i packed my bags and
    went to the airport. All of a sudden as I placed my bags through customs.

    I could feel my 6 th sense kicking in and telling me that my bags would be lost
    When i arrived on the otherside and went to collect my bags they had been
    lost in transit..

    Unfortunately as humans we must learn to trust our own animal instincts and
    this is chi.

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    It is a known fact, cavemen often knew weeks in advance that their luggage would be lost at customs.

    Why would chi have anything to do with you losing your luggage?

    Hell if that were the case that your chi would let you know when you lost something you'd probably go nuts.

    Sense: Um, hey you lost something.
    Me: what did I lose?
    Sense: I dunno but you lost it
    Me: oh no, was it important
    Sense: maybe
    Me: Can I have a hint?
    Sense: Sure, you lost it
    Me: that doesn't help
    Sense: Oh wait, you haven't lost it yet.
    Me: Whew, what a relief.
    Sense: you still are gonna lose it.
    Me: if this keeps up I probably will.


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      Whe did you first sense that you'd lost your brain?


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        You're kidding right?

        6th sense?

        I dont suppose you get a "disturbance in the force" on occassion too?


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          You are a typical western skeptic and only knows how to fight with his fists.

          You cannot appreciate the beauty of the eastern concepts and how not too fight..kungfu is a religion as well as a fighting style..

          Chi is somthing very powerful. If used correctly can protect you from harm and loss of life.

          When the student is ready the teacher will appear

          Originally posted by Thai Bri
          Whe did you first sense that you'd lost your brain?


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            Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering

            this is the way of the force


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              This gentleman Thai Bri is not chinese and thus cannot even relate to what i am trying to say. Chi is real and it exists around us it is all around us.

              When I charge chi inside me through chi kung i have the feeling of eyes in the back of my head i can see the unseeable know the unkownable.


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                i am chinese (hainanese descent) btw but i chose not to believe in silly notions such as chi or spirits or anything of the sort. i know exactly what you're talking about having 6th senses and all that since i once believed in such things but now since ive come to the logical conclusion that such things dont exist i think you're seriously deluded.


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                  Holyman - racism is ugly in all its forms. Even its holy ones.


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                    Originally posted by holyman
                    Cheese is somthing very powerful. If used correctly can protect you from harm and loss of life.

                    When the student is ready the cheese sandwich will appear
                    Heavy man, heavy.


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                      I would believe that chi is real because real science does in a way support it, not discredit it necessarily. But sensing you'll lose your luggage? I would not call that chi.

                      Handtohand I would totally agree with, except for one part, I dunno about the actual physical act of looking, but I think the mindset that comes with looking at somone for a long time, somehow they sense it that way. Ninja were trained specifically to never ever want to kill a person or have any want to harm that person if they were going to assassinate them. That way, the person would never ever pick up that they were being watched or hunted.

                      I read in Stephen K. Hayes book, " The Ninja and their Secret Fighting Art," he said Master Hatsuumi and some of his other high-level students were doing a sword demonstration, where Hatsuumi would try to slice them with a katana. The students would be sitting in seiza (kneeling position) and roll out of the way at the last second; Hayes said he got disturrbed because Hatsuumi kept making a rather mean, hateful, "I wanna kill this SOB" type of face as he would cut at the students. when asked about this, Hatsuumi said he really was trying indeed to cut them because if he wasn't actually trying, and didn't exert a "want" to cut them, then the students would never pick up that there was a guy behind them with a sword, about to slice them.

                      I would believe in something like that I think. Chi I do not believe is like the force necessarily, where one could throw people about. I have heard that they have done extreme tests in mind-power like that though, and gotten people to move like a penny a quarter of a centimeter, don't know if that is real or not. Geniuses only use like 10% of the brain though, so who knows??

                      As for actual science, you know how I say we don't know enough about the forces of this universe to say that there isn't some kind of force that is in the body and maybe controlled by the brain; maybe like an electrical force or something. The electrical force is extremely, extremely powerful, and it is how our muscles contract and our brain works. Maybe somehow the brain can control this electrical force and like that is how people who have mastered their chi can supposedly make like a bowl stick to their belly, or prevent a sword from going through their chest, or keep like 8 guys from being able to move them. I have read some chi people say about how it is good to meditate near things like rivers because of the ions given off.

                      So I think chi would probably be just some portion of the electrical force that we just don't fully understand. I mean, we don't understand the electrical force as it is right now, and we don't know how our brains work. So I think chi is a very definite possibility.

                      Also remember, the electrical force exists all around us, it is what holds our very atoms together and also what prevents our particles from slipping through the ground and to the center of the earth. The electrical force flows all around us, so I think chi is probably that. Like holyman said, chi is all around us.

                      BUT HOLYMAN, LIKE THAI BRI SAID, YOU DON'T BE RACIST LIKE THAT. What nationality someone is doesn't mean jack in terms of understanding a culture like China's. If you are white and raised in China, you will speak Chinese like a native and sound like a Chinese person stuck in a white person's body. There was even a black guy who was murdering Chinese women; he would call them up and seduce them, because he had been raisedby Chinese people, so he could speak Chinese like a native, even though biologically he was a black guy, not Chinese. Hell there was a white guy who started thinking by the Japanese samurai culture, and killed himself when soem business failed, alongside some other Japanese guys, yet he was white.


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                        yea ive had that happen before. when looking at someone they would look back and vice versa. i dont think id call that chi. but as broad sword said a genius only uses about 10% of the brain. so the brain has many functions in which we do not know of yet. who knows , people who claim to have supernatural powers ( saw on ripleys believe it or not a chinese doctor who increased the heat of a wet rolled up cloth to make it steam and used it in his treaments ) may be tapping into functions that the majority of people are unaware they have... so who knows really what are minds are capable of.


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                          Put it another way:

                          Someone calls. You think of Brian. Oh, surprise, it is Brian on the other end.

                          Now, is this some connection, or a mere coincidence ? How many times did the phone ring, you thought of Brian but it was Clara, Peter,Nina or someone completly different ?

                          If it was someone else (like it is in almost all circumstances unless you only have one person calling over) you dont take notice of it.

                          Same with 'bad things'. Being picked up on stage on a comedy show, called to the blackboard to show the home assignment you did not do. You sit there thinking 'oh no, dont pick me, I know you will pick me'. All the times you are not picked, you think no more of it, but the few times it is indeed you, well.. 'My gut feeling told me'..

                          So, using a single occurance to prove that the future is predetermined is not very scientific. Now, if you could sit down and tell me on a daily basis all the things that where to happen, and they actually did I would reconsider.

                          But heck, people can believe whatever they want.


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                            You're spot on there mate.

                            Think about it, every single thing is an "incident". And there are zillions of them evry hour. And 99.9% never get thought about again.

                            Now the law of averages demands that, occasionally, some of these incidents will be relevant to each other, we call them co-incidents! But some of us suddenly try t give them some mystical exaplanation.


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                              hmm yea i missed thinking about that aspect