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the Animal styles of Kung Fu

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    Choy Li Fut

    I have seen someone from this- and he looked formidable..I couldn't do anything to him once he was ready...but I don't naturally attack people.


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      Animal styles use the animal for context or as a framework. There certainly can be that an animal was observed or thought of and preferred movements or techniques were adopted and adapted.

      Jabs are similar to a snake striking, even the angle from ground to head. A snake head is not necessarily flat. But a flat hand has better interception than a fist. The Charge resembles a chimpanzee using a gathering tactic. Several animals seem to grapple to the ground or perform a loose takedown (pick one). That's now an animal style. Include several techniques. Order the techniques in the highest percentage progression for different highliest likely starts or continuation; hence many forms. But When you encounter someone you are familiar with what occurres and have some of the most likely next steps from thought out forms.

      Royce (Gracie)’s execution might if not has been likened to that of a boa constrictor.

      If you think you have a useless technique, then alter the mechanics—angles force speed momentum, such for secondary and other support aspects. A technique has it’s place. Nearly every technique should have some use, but not necessarily the use you were told or that you understand right now.

      A technique might be named after an animal. Yet, when you have a theme or principle—speed, strength, cunning, clawing, grabbing…now use the animal name that embodies that aspect and you’ll be addressing it animal style.

      I No_Know