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    How do I train with more power...?

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    Training for power

    If you are talking about making your strikes more powerful, then you must be able to use full power when you spar. I do this by using focus mitts, kicking shields, and most importantly, a training partner who is fighting back. He must be moving realistically and throwing back at me. While I do feel that heavy bag work is important at first for developing power, it is much easier and ultimately pointless to hit and kick a heavy bag if you can't utelize that power when it really counts.
    Mahalo, Jeremy


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      Train with weights in a swmming pool or body of water.


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        Conditioning is important but work on your technique and condition your charps,knuckles,shins and forearms.

        Weights help but only work your back, shoulders and triceps.

        Train Hard


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          Originally posted by bbbb
          How do I train with more power...?

          Train with More Power....... erm.... Never heard of this Mr Power guy....

          Well, to train for more power, easy... practise more, punch into the thousands instead of hundreds, everyday kinda thing.

          But, train with more power, just train with more intent. For example, instead of just kicking, when you are training you kick, you are actually kicking as if trying to hurt someone if they were their.

          No, need to add weights, for example if you start punching with weights, then you are practicing punching with weights, and not practicing punching. It won't improve your punch.

          Dunno if that helped. So I won't charge you...... THIS TIME..... mwhahahahaha


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            ...of course! Ta.


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              I wonder why he revived a 1 year 4 month old post .. ;o


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                Originally posted by blitz
                I wonder why he revived a 1 year 4 month old post .. ;o

                Because I'm crazy, and I was bored. So I looked at the old posts.


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                  Hmmm, why do people keep asking same questions again and again and expect to hear something they want to hear the next time around. Power from bag, weights, working out, etc. Power doesent come from katas, light sparring, and meditation.


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                    Doing Kata's with more intention than you had previously would help, though.

                    But, yeah, the conditioning stuff mostly.


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                      Power = Force X Velocity, so to become more powerful, I think you need to develop more force (i.e. like benchpress more, squat more), but then get where you can move that force over a distance very quickly. If you can benchpress a 100 lb dumbell in each arm, that's nice force, but you lack power if you can't use those muscles to move your arm across a distance quickly in a punch.

                      A person who can generate a lot of force in their muscles and move that force quickly (velocity) should be more powerful.


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                        In order...

               make any strike land with power, there are basically three stages to work through.

                        1. CONDITIONING
                        This includes running, weightlifting and streching to make your body soft and flexible yet strengthen your muscles and build stamina.

                        2. PROPER EXECUTION
                        Proper body mechanics will ensure you get the most out of your strikes in terms of power on impact. If you are in a TCMA, Study your handsets often.

                        3. REALISTIC TRAINING
                        This is where you put your abilities gained from point 1 and 2 together and test them in a realistic environment. This includes all types of sparring and hitting actual targets.

                        That's it.


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                          THE very most important rule in adding power to strikes is body mechanics.
                          You can be a skinny shit. But if you know the proper methods to throwing a punch, you can hit way harder than a muscular guy who only uses the arm to punch.

                          Take a boxers's cross for example. He's able to hit so damn hard because he knows the correct way to add his body weight into the equation. By th simple pivoting of the foot, he just made his punch about 4 times heavier.