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  • Kung fu in action

    A vid showing various kung fu styles sparring and/or competing . Anyone know what kung fu style is the one which the person does the guard pass?

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    Dang man. I saw Bagua, something that may have been Xing Yi, judo, some push hands stuff, and maybe a little wing chun to boot.


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      looked like JDK, Judo, jiujitsu, and kung fu to me.


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        Looked like circle walking at the very beginning. Could be wrong.


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          San Shou

          To me, it looked like San Shou, Chinese Wrestling, and Tai Chi.


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            This is the from the web site....

            Originally posted by Kung fu in Action
            Kung Fu in Action explores the fighting arts of Baguazhang, Jeet Kune Do, Northern Praying Mantis, San Shou, Shuai Chiao, Tai Chi Push Hands and Ving Tsun as well as the grappling methods of kung fu. It is a homage to the truly unique, truly effective disciplines of kung fu fighting. There are no demonstrations of forms or techniques, only Kung Fu, in Action!
            Seems we were all right to some extent.....


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              Wing Chun?!

              Wouldn't mind seein' a bit more of the wing chun guy(? was that the guy doing the elbow with the Sifu uniform on!?).


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                As far as Wing Chun teachers.

                Out of all the Wing Chun teachers out there, this is probably one of the few teachers that I would love working with again. He trains hard, not arrogant, and open minded to a variety of styles. It also helps that he trains in nyc [my hometown], so i can visit him whenever.


                If any of you guys on this forum live in europe, this is another teacher I would suggest.


                One teacher that I'm really sketchy about is this one: