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Which non chinese arts would you use to augment

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    "Which arts would be the most useful to update the Traditional Chinese Fighting Arts? "

    Is KunTao a TCMA?
    KunTao already did a lot of the work of updating their art to be effective. When the Chinese Shaolin warriors went to Indonesia they faced a culture with a different "Martial" mindset. China had Martial arts; Indonesia had fighting arts. If you read the history between these two wasn't pretty. The Chinese warriors protecting the royal families realized they had to update their Shaolin fighting arts to make them more destructive and to elliminate useless material. People always talk about how great the Shaolin Monks were...but they had to change their style to make it actually work in Indonesia where it is common for everyone to have bladed weapons. It's a highly secretive art, and it hasn't been taught to outsiders since the Dutch were kicked out of Indonesia. So basically KunTao has already done most of the work for you, good luck finding an instructor.
    Chinese martial arts then mix well with Hapkido, TKD, Indonesian Tai Chi, Pencak Silat, and jujitsu


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          why does style even matter? why make it more complex? Isnt it easiest to just fight the way you fight and call a stop to one style here and another there. is this not most natural?

          also, martial arts are martial arts. the only time they are not is when they are categorized because then they are no longer real. names mean nothing


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            Chinese martial arts usually have a very poor ground game
            There are exceptions of course, but I can speak for wing chun, where people fight like a cockroach that has been turned on its back if they go to ground

            Therefore, BJJ, Judo, wrestling or sombo would fit nicely with it

            In Kamon we use BJJ if we go to ground. Even the basics will help you immensely


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              Originally posted by BoarSpear View Post
              Which arts would be the most useful to update the Traditional Chinese Fighting Arts?

              It would seem evident that you must incorporate skills that serve you in all three types of combat. Standing, locking, and throwing. Of course each of those contains sub catagories, Wrestling, striking, grappling etc.

              Also if you are building a self defense art you must address weapons that you may realistically encounter on the streets or during a home invasion or car jacking for instance.

              note i am talking about learning to be aware of the things you need to know to survive the streets not in the ring.
              This isn't a style really, just my thoughts on the matter

              Modern weapons and improvised weapon use/defense.

              Fighting in tight quarters due to environmental considerations - such as the aisles of an airplane, while seated in a car, fighting in a crowded area etc.


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                Originally posted by Kenpodog View Post
                The Chinese are masters of circular motion.
                The Japanese are masters of linear motion.

                Hey you got your chocolate in my peanut butter.
                Haha! Kickass! *high fives* Oh and I must say... Jubaji is much smarter than I gave him credit for... Anyway!


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