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can kung fu work in real fighting????

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    Originally posted by Cockroach View Post

    Many "Sifus" have held back the development of their students. Some through their neurosis, lack of competence or selfishness. Sad to think so many young men have wasted so much of their time. I guess this is what you mean by loyalty to ones system.
    Other "Sifus" have fairly hand fed the very essence of "art" to select students! The few exceptions to your rules will dominate most situations by force or by deception. There is no escape from the cold reality when the deed is done.


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      Originally posted by ancestor000 View Post
      ...real gongfu is like a cooler emblem. Behind it you get hit not only by the long vehicle but also by the whole history of mechanical engineering, the invention of the wheel and everything else.
      A master represents one strand of universal/timeless Gongfu DNA. His associates are innumerable.
      To be able to answer what is what we need to answer to ourselves who we have become.
      The reward for devotion to gongfu is the key to happiness. This key is individual and it depends on natural principles and how one incorporates these principles into ones lifestyle.
      When one practices gongfu the assignment is change and transformation. The mission is revolution through evolution.
      The old masters communicated with creation. They moved to the speed of the rising sun and to the viscosity of uterine liquids around a growing fetus.
      Their enlightment was an unbroken influx. Their understanding was like the upcoming of a new star. Their life and the lives of everybody else, the life of everything was interwoven. There was no seperation, no dissent, no doubt. Action was the way of the old masters and their actions were not based on words but on sound matter.
      I want to contribute with a translation of a famous Kongzi quote (junzi wu suo zheng, bi ye she hu).
      I am basing my interpretation on the hermetic arts: The guardian of all children born and unborn trods on emptiness. He/She transforms all spears into slow-worms. His bow and arrow obliterate breathing obstructions.
      Archetypically all gongfu eventually becomes witchcraft.
      ...........oh brother....


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        That has got to be post of the year!


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          Originally posted by JadeDragon View Post
          I just wanted to know if anyone here has used thier kung fu skills in a real street fight? If so what techniques did you use? Can animal techniques work?

          Give specific techniques you have used when confronted in a real situation.
          sure answer is yes....
          it already worked before....
          and to think that winning a fight depends upon the situation.....