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Short Power Iron Palm breaks and flat on the ground breaks

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  • Short Power Iron Palm breaks and flat on the ground breaks

    Short Power iron palm breaks and flat on the ground breaks new vids are up on my youtube account.

    Boston Baguazhang

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    Where do you get your bricks from?


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      I buy them from Home Depot, or Lowes.

      Standard 2 inch thick pebble aggregate pavers.


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        Life is too short to be serious, laugh it up.


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          How is this useful in self defense?


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            It's great for those tedious masonry jobs. . . .


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                Most 5 year olds can break those cheap HDepot bricks. Try busting a coconut.


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                    If you're going to break a coconut with your bare hands, please ensure you film it with an independent witness.

                    I will not be attempting the challenge!


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                      Originally posted by kingoftheforest View Post
                      Most 5 year olds can break those cheap HDepot bricks. Try busting a coconut.

                      Then feel free to video yourself breaking them in the same manner.

                      I will be putting up some more breaking vids up soon.

                      Im in the middle of finals. Im working on my Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine at New England School of Acupuncture.


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                        I've done it twice, with numerous witnesses. After I had been doing my iron palm training for about 3 years I decided to give it a try. I don't forsee me doing it again any time soon.

                        How ever if anyone wants to prove something to themselves go down to your local Home Depot get one of those bricks, take it home and drop a 2 pound weight on it from about a foot and a half above it. It'll shatter into several pieces.


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                          so you claim you can break, but have no videos, only witnesses?

                          video, or it never happened. Really, you get all superior claiming it is easy and you take the easy way out? I think not.

                          You show us you can do it, or you are just talking our of your rear.

                          If you think those bricks are so easy to break, stack up two of them and break them with an open palm with nothing but your palm. No jumping, no screaming, just break them.

                          funny that you would not see more breaking videos out there if it were truly that easy.

                          I will be posting more vids so stay tuned.

                          I would love to see anyone try and break 4 inches of block as I demonstrate.

                          If you think it easy, then duplicate it. Do not come back with " I can do that, and have, but I will not show anyone else...." that stinks of cowardice and true inability.

                          If you truly cannot, you need to shut your mouth and stop claiming you can do things without proof, ie video the breaks.


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                            Anyone going to break a coconut with their bare hands though?


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                              I will break coconuts and blocks. With my students there to show you that nothing is tampered with.

                              Funny that I get all this crap from whiny crybabies who make demands yet do not post vids of themselves doing what they want me to do.


                              It will be a little while before the vids are up.

                              Needs to get warmer here so we can do it outside. going to have my students over for breaking, cutting with live blades and other fun things.

                              Stay tuned.