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  • ChinaBoxer

    Wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself, this site is alot of fun and i think there's a balance of serious study and whimsical humor, that i find alot of fun. I've been studying martial arts over twenty years and enjoy learning, growing and sharing.

    Martial Arts has always been an integral part of my life, which began at the age of twelve. My thirst for knowledge has led me to seek out several amazing martial arts instructors and I continue to train, learn and grow; while sharing what works for me with the martial arts community. I currently teach privately in Los Angeles, CA.

    I have been fortunate enough to train with some great instructors and owe all of my knowledge to them…

    “I can see far only because I stand on the shoulders of these “giants”.

    - Wing Chun – Hawkins Cheung, Gary Lam
    - Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do – Dan Inosanto, Yori Nakamura, Jerry Poteet
    - Brazilian JiuJitsu – Marcus Vinicius, Lars Wallin

    - Shooto / Shoot Fighting – Yori Nakamura
    - Muay Thai / Kickboxing – Benny “the jet” Urquidez, Josh Robinson
    - Wrestling – Bryce Karasawa

    I also maintain a Chinese Boxing Tutorial here

    take care and peace!

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      Yep Welcome thats an impressive list of lucky bugger


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        Originally posted by Da Pope View Post
        Yep Welcome thats an impressive list of lucky bugger
        lol..true true... =D