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Main Idea and Philoshophy of Yin and Yang, and Key Points of Chinese Therapy

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  • Main Idea and Philoshophy of Yin and Yang, and Key Points of Chinese Therapy

    The old Chinese, like their up-to-date countertypes, were looking for one way to try to comprehend and describe everything that was around them, The main ideas and the goals of every situation happens around us, because everything has a reason and they wanted to figure out what that reason was for everything. Plus, they wanted to put the chaos of our existence in a ideal order. They wanted everything to be perfect.

    The most important and forceful idea that was to describe the reason and the result of the situations, different kind of situations was that of the relation between the Yin and Yang, which were two different, contrasting but at the same time very harmonious forces, that fulfill and complete each other. The relationship and interdependent reign between theses forces are changing all the time.

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        Really happy to be part of this philosophy and I there definitely order in chaos. After my kid had to go to pediatric speech therapy and his progress has made me believe in this philosophy even more. Great read!