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  • Inayan Eskrima

    I would like to know the opinion about Inayan Eskrima of the members.

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    it's a good system. mike had some really good stuff.


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      I have studied the Inayan System of Eskrima taught by Suro Mike Inay for 19 years, so my opinion is a little tilted. I find the Inayan system to be one of the more complete systems taught to the public at the moment. It is one of the first mixed martial arts in the FMA area that I know of. It has a great structure for learning and many different approaches to training your mind and body. After the death of Suro Mike Inay in 2000, many people started teaching different parts of the system. However, there are still instructors out there that know the complete system as Suro Mike Inay taught it. You can get more information about the group that I work with from our web site at I wish you the best of luck.


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        Thanks for your help. I want to create a IE trainning group on my city.


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          Well according to my experience and opinion this one is really good. They have done some wonderful essay on time reviews work on their site and professionalism shows in their work that is an extraordinary point. Wish them good luck!