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FMA in or near San Mateo, CA

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  • FMA in or near San Mateo, CA

    Anyone know a good group in or near San Mateo, CA?

    I've just moved to the area and am looking.

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    The groups I know about:

    There's a sayoc group in San Francisco
    There's an Inayan Escrima group in San Jose
    Michael Jen teaches Floro Fighting System in Milpitas (private or semi-private)

    I can probably hunt down contact numbers if you're interested.

    I train with a small training group that trains in a park near the Santa Clara/Cupertino border on Fridays at 11:30am. This isn't a formal class environment, but an informal training group. We basically train whatever anyone suggests -- typically some drills, some sparring (various rules), some situational defensive drills, etc. Contact me at [note those are zeroes in the word "h00k"] if you're interested.



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      Those are great responses. Thanks heaps.

      I was looking for something closer to San Mateo or Burlingame as I work in Hayward and don't wish to drive all the way to San Jose, however.

      Do you know anything right between the geographical points you just mentioned?

      Again, thanks.


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        Just by doing an internet search, I found Serrada Escrima Club located in San Bruno. It looks like they only have classes on Saturday. I'll keep looking though.

        I also found Gints Fighting Club. I believe they are in your area. These guys compete in Dog Brothers tourneys.


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          AMOK in San Mateo

          One question we need to know is are you looking for a more blade oriented system? Adding to Joe's reply, I believe there is AMOK which is another blade oriented system in San Mateo.

          Just go to and then locations.


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            Of your list above:

            One of my training partners also trains with Gints, and thinks very highly of him.

            From what little I've seen, AMOK is a great, no-nonsense style. For some reason I got the impression that Koki actually teaches his classes in Milpitas, not San Mateo, but definitely do contact him to see. I've sparred with Koki and he is very good.