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  • FMA for MMA

    I am interested to know if a combination of FMA styles like Dumog, Panatukan and Yaw Yan can be an effective fighting system for MMA competition.

    Being in North America I am only exposed to the usual BJJ, wrestling, boxing and muay thai blend and I am really curious to know if anyone is using pure FMAs to train in MMA.

    If anyone is doing this please outline how your training is going and when we can expect to see you fight. Or if you know of any fighters who use FMAs, please tell me how their fights went.

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    you can check out the dog brothers' Kali Tudo... its their (very good) take on how the FMAs is used in MMA...

    hope this helps...



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      Thanks for the link. I have Frank Trigg coming up to the gym next weekend for an impromptu seminar. I wonder if he knows any Kali Tudo since he also trains at R1. No RNC jokes please


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        Fma has a long tradition in nhb style fights. (hawaii during the 20s-40s for instance but a little different)

        Though not so much the UFC there was an actual FMA player who competed against someone a lot larger in it and won. (That was back when they had cool intro segues in to the matches and it should him doing arnis movements with his hands and with his dad, his name is onassis purungao nice guy..) But in the philippines where similar tournamnets are held like URCC and fearless they are often represented. There is a gym I believe in Pasig called the submission dungeon that trains fighters for mma, using traditional dumog and Boltong tribal wrestling along with escrima it is headed by mumbakki. One of their top fighters ronald bingwaoel has fared very well with it. and Mumbakki himself competed against another dumog player in urcc one, and broke his ankle completely. I have been dying to check out Kali tudo as well! I am happy that FMA is gaining a solid new respect for it's skills without sticks as well which is what I have always been a big proponent of. Anyway check out there is always a good group of guys online to help.

        peace and adobo grease.


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          Onnassis DID fight in UFC as well as those cage tourneys in russia in the mid 90s, and its roland not ronald bingwaoel.


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            quick list of a few fighters and some styles from urcc nhb tournament:

            name style weight
            viel araneta sarian flyweight
            roldan cartajena yaw-yan flyweight
            arnel arancina tat kun tao bantamweight
            freddie magada sikap fight club bantamweight
            ronald bingwaoel bultong ifugao wrestling featherweight
            francis pisa Pentjak silat featherwieght
            juan dablo buno bantamweight
            nico dhaenen pekiti tirsia heavyweight

            pretty cool but crazy styles list eh? all pilipino (except the Pentjak silat which by the way it's spelled connotates the indonesian variety)


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              Thanks for the info. I have only seen Onassis fight in Russia or Ukraine at a tourney. He won his first fight and then lost to a big dude (I think it was Ricardo Morais (sp) ). I wish I had that event saved so I can watch it again.

              Nice list of fighters there! I hope we get to see them in Shooto or even Bushido.

              Any way to download URCC or Fearless fights?

              Thanks again.


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                Woof BjjLoco:

                Concerning Frank Trigg: I have watched Frank spar hard many times. He is a southpaw and impressed me with the scientificness of his unmatched lead standup striking game. As usual with me, he was kind enough to show me what he was doing and give his assent to teaching it as part of our curriculum. Thus, in our "Kali Tudo" DVD there is a section early in the progression based upon this material which we title "Triggonometry" It seemed to me to be a good way to open the eyes of our MMA-based viewers to the issues and merits of unmatched lead-- unmatched lead being very important in our concept of Kali Silat unarmed fighting for street or cage.

                Crafty Dog

                PS: When I take the Tues and Thurs AM grappling class at R1 (formerly RAW) and Frank is teaching, I have always found him to be a very good teacher-- precise and technical.


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                  Crafty Dog,

                  How are you? If you see Frank, maybe you can give him some Kali Tudo DVDs to sell at his seminar. This seminar is in Toronto at your students' club

                  I am sure Joey and Marc would love to see this DVD if they haven't already. Hmm, now I have some ideas what to ask Trigg to teach. Thanks


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                    Joey and Marc are bringing me in on January 21-22


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                      Can they wait that long for a DVD? Or maybe it's me saying that?


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                          If you go to you can see photos and a complete list of the fighters and their styles that have competed. Also if you go to the european site for pekiti tirsia, there are photos of bloody unarmored stickfighting in the philippines, the guy in the photos is daniel foronda, aka the mumbakki! I am happy to see Filipino styles finally represented in the cage in the us as well.

                          Keep bangin! (sticks you pervs...)


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                            Hey Marc,

                            I talked to some students at Kombat and they said it would be great if you can give some DVDs to Trigg so they can buy it without having to pay shipping and we also get screwed by customs for extra fees.

                            If not I guess they'll have to wait until January.


                            Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.


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                              Thanks for your assist.

                              I'll put some in my truck so if I run into Frank at the gym I can hand them over.