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    Phases of Combative Development…

    There are numerous distinctions between learning to fight, training to fight, engaging in a fight for real and teaching one to fight with effect. In Lameco Eskrima we have four phases of combative development; the learning phase, training phase, fighting phase and teaching phase. All are vital in reaching ones complete combative development and each phase of development is distinct and unique unto itself.

    In the learning phase we build an effective delivery system and instill a basic foundation of combative movement. In the training phase we reinforce what was built in the learning phase and actualize its true combative effect through trial and error, always realistically being governed by cause and effect in a constantly changing structure. In the fighting phase we measure true combative effect while keeping our abilities aligned with combative truth in dealing with the uncertainty of a real situation while facing any and all consequences for our actions ot failure to act. In the teaching phase we are charged to instill, hone and reveal ones true capability while tightly embracing the harsh realities of combat and are held accountable for any consequences as a direct result of our actions performed in combat. I will address each of these one by one.

    Learning Phase:

    This phase involves forming ones most basic fundamental foundation of combative movement, combative attributes and finally combative technique. Learning can be done slowly or faster as dictated by each student’s capacity to learn and assimilate what has been taught and place it in a clear and concise combative context.

    As one develops combatively through the learning phase the most critical areas of development become instilling an effective delivery system, effective combative movement and appropriate recovery measures. After a functional working knowledge of movement and attributes has been instilled one than begins to draw from a fully diversified curriculum of practical technique. Learning not only the strengths but also any inherent weakness of any technique learned that quickly becomes necessary in developing to ones fullest potential, as well as being made aware of ones greatest weakness which factors into the ability to make a proper risk assessment.

    The most important aspect of the learning phase is developing a clear and concise understanding of material learned and developing a functional fundamental basic foundation of combative movement and attributes by which to deliver ones deadly intent when opportunity presents itself. At which time the very relationship between movement, range, counter response, recovery and technical expertise are delved into for proper combative development and unified for optimum effect.

    Training Phase:

    This phase of training should be geared toward placing and holding ones true combative capability to the expectations of an actual combative experience, while facing all consequences and risks involved. In this phase aggression, non-cooperation, counter to counter skills, perception, reaction and recovery principles are introduced and become key in proper development. Everything is trained in real time to enhance all things combative as the laws of cause and effect govern them. This phase is the first phase where you start facing consequences for your actions, or inaction’s. Yes, the failure or hesitation to act is a willful act, not a very wise one but an act none-the-less. We are held accountable for all things that we choose to do or refuse to do on the field of battle. This is accountability, and man can not transition to warrior without being held accountable for his actions or failure to act.

    The training phase should not be confused with the learning phase because the desired effect sought in each phase is quite different. In the training phase you simply investigate, experiment, assimilate and utilize all that was encouraged, learned, and developed in the learning phase. A simple formula for a simple request; survival. In Lameco Eskrima little is always translated in terms of being more, as the most effective warriors will train to perform with the intent to maximize effect while they minimize risk. The more simple and economical by nature the approach with intention is, the more effective the results gained will be.

    After attributes, general movement and technique have been learned in the learning phase they all have to be assimilated; translated and brought together in reality based exchange and counter exchange. With that comes resistance and adversity in training, which must be included in any mode of combative development that is if the most realistic results are sought. The way that you train will best reflect how you will respond while engaging a crisis situation for real. A hard and fast rule of combative development is that if you train as if your life depends on it, you will more readily fight as if it does… quite simply because it does!

    In the training phase the intent of proper combative development is to question the combative environment and in doing so adequately prepare us to deal honestly with any answers received. We begin to act out of necessity as opposed to acting by choice. The situation and training environment start to reflect the realities of the actual combat environment which serves as the very model for our training environment all for the sake of keeping ones training environment as closely aligned with reality as possible. If something could happen for real on the street than it has to be addressed in similar manner in ones training environment. An environment where responding under duress amidst chaos and mayhem replaces merely responding out of convenience and comfort while given an unrealistic amount of time by which to respond.

    A wise man once said that the warrior who thinks that he will live and the warrior that thinks he will die in combat are both right. The pertinent question that I pose to you is which warrior are you? Life or death depends on your answer. And only the way that you train will prepare you for which of these two outcomes will become your reality in combat. Train for one mind, one body, one life and one goal… that being survival.

    Fighting Phase:

    This phase allows for nothing short of chaos, mayhem and destruction to realistically govern and dictate combative response and nothing short of death itself from allowing you to survive a crisis situation with your life. Combative truth speaks loudly to us in this phase of development as ones true combative abilities sure to come forth in this phase will literally allow us to bring order out of chaos while revealing any deception in our capabilities as governed by the rules of engagement in actual combat.

    For us to go forward and advance with combative evolution it is imperative that we embrace the mindset of the “Juramentado” during this phase as we transform from martial artists to warriors. We all need to be made aware of the fact that even as our enemy lies dying at our feet he is not dead until he draws his last breath. Until he does that very thing he is still very much alive and remains a danger to us and if we allow him an opportunity at this time we may join him in death.

    In this phase of training sparring and fighting becomes the combative gauge by which to best monitor ones actual combative effect. The actual event itself and our collective experiences become our most valid advisors and pertinent teachers in this realm of reality. For in this environment we are only as effective as we are today, and only our abilities will determine if we will live, or perish in the streets while forced to defend life and limb.

    Teaching Phase:

    The ultimate goal of any instructor is to teach what is needed and pass along all of his strengths to his student and none of his weaknesses. My goal as an Instructor is to prepare my student for the reality of combat and reveal to them combative truth and introduce all consequences faced holding them accountable for all actions or in-actions made by them. I hold myself responsible not only for each students combative effect but for arrogance or lack of confidence in their abilities like wise. They need to be made aware of what their true combative effect is and not be mislead to think that they are some sort of Demigod invincible to mere human beings.

    When we ask God for strength he sends us difficulties and only by working through those difficult times do we learn from them and grow to be strong. God never gives us exactly what we want but rather he always gives us what we need. He gives us the means by which to acquire what we want through hard work, determination and patience. Through hardships, trial and error always governed by cause and effect do we learn and become stronger people.

    Training is no different, we want to be effective, but for this to be realized we have to train with intention in real time and be left to face the consequences for our actions, both good and bad. Most seem to want to become great warriors without having to fight or challenge themselves in the process. This is impossible because only through adversity and experiencing the harsh realities of combat itself can we truly transform from martial artist to warrior.

    There is a huge distinction between knowing how to fight and actually being able to fight. Many people know how to fight but very few of those who claim to be in the know actually will be able to do so with any measurable effect if their life should be called upon. There are no easy ways to success, no short cuts, you have to sweat and work diligently through an enormous amount of adversity while challenging yourself daily to your fullest potential during each training session. Remember that integrity is doing what is expected of you when no one is watching, so we must train for the right reasons, not to impress but rather to develop combatively effective, no more and no less. It is up to the Instructor to convey this to the student and guide the student out of ignorance to the arena of self realization and quiet confidence in self, ability and art.

    In the final analysis of things it really comes down to perception vs. reality. The mere reality of a combative situation should be followed and prepared for more so than how most of us perceive that reality to be based on training drills, word of mouth, or conceptual points of view based on pure assumption and anticipation. The truth is that a combative situation will evolve and advance on its own terms and will dictate how we best can deal with it if at all, we have no choice but to deal with it on its own terms, not ours. So we train to deal with the utmost uncertainty which accomodates a combative situation leaving ourselves prepared to retaliate against any threat and contain that threat as soon as possible and separate.

    Go well guys,ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.

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