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[Video of]Beginner Kali students and live rattan stick sparring.

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  • [Video of]Beginner Kali students and live rattan stick sparring.

    Video of beginner adult students' 1st time at Live rattan stick sparring with minimal protective gear.

    Can you dig it?

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    this is the best way to spar lol. Ive done it with padded sticks and just the rattans. I have a lot more respect for doing it with just rattans. If im ever relocated near your area Ill have to come visit you guys Daniel.



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      Good job with you new students.

      This is the way we do here as well. Minimal gear and real rattan. It's good to see some low-line shots being utilized. Too often people get stuck in the head hunting mode and leave their low line completely open...or they don't have the footwork to deal with low shots. Again, good job.



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        I think it's brilliant...........I've seen "Insructors" spar A LOT worse than these guys.......thumbs up


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          The less padding you have the more cautious you are! The more realistic it is too. Its also a lot more painful....


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            Maraming Salamat Po sa inyo[tyvm*] guys for your feedback. My personal vision as a FMA instructor is not to shortchange the public with "evangelical BS" about something I have grown to love and respect. I go as far as I can while being careful not to go out-of-bounds on the "safety-first" factor..

            Fraz(from the first video post above) is seen in this next clip [link below] and still very much at novice level. He spars single stick with Jason Couture. A (15-plus years experience) Modern Arnis player from Maine. Fraz in this round quickly learns more about the value behind low-line shots with the rattan stick.

            single stick round with Fraz and Jason