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Length of staff?

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  • Length of staff?

    In the Filipino staff systems how long do they usually make the staff? Is it related to you height?

    6 feet seems like a common length for staves but some of the stuff I'm learning seems a little akward when it's that long.


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    Not too sure about long staffs, but for the arnis, we tend to make it so that you have ease in your movement without the stick getting in the way. We have is so that you're holding the stick with 2 inches at the bottom and you are just able to let the stick pass under your arm pit when you rotate your wrist. If it seems to long then we cut it.



    my traditional karate teacher (back in the day)

    had us cut our staves to match our own height. i've heard others do the same.



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      staff length

      Most FMA use 3 lengths of staff
      1. long staff- generally used by shoreline schools (fishing villages)
      2. Medium staff- ends at chin- Generally from market/farm systems
      3. Gayung - short staff 48 inches- mountain systems/farm systems
      Iprefer the medium as it lets you move very quickly and reach out and touch someone. The long staff gets in the way a lot and the short staff is just too damn short.
      My 2 cents


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        I've heard a few instructors refer to them as "nipple-high" staffs.

        I've always thought, however, that personal preference should be the deciding factor. If you can use it effectively then the length shouldn't matter.


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          The staff members are the important factor of any organization and they can promote their organization toward new level. Thanks for update on about the staff length of the martial arts school here and hope the kids are learning the self-defiance fighting techniques effectively.


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            Nice to hear that


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