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Kali/Eskrima in Illinois

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  • Kali/Eskrima in Illinois


    I'm looking for a good Kali/Eskrima instructor in the Naperville or Aurora areas in Illinois. There are a couple up north, but just a tad bit too far.

    Thank you,

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    Are you near enough to Bloomington?


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      Thank you, Crafty Dog, for your reply.

      Unfortunately, Bloomington is over two hours away.

      I forgot to mention this in my last post, but I would like to find an instructor in the Lameco system since this is the style that I am more familiar with, however any leads to qualified instructors in over systems would be greatly appreciated.

      The Dog Brothers system is world renown when it comes to Kali training. Just curious, what does it take to become an instructor in your system?



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        May I ask that you start a thread with something that reflects your question in the title so that I may answer it there?

        PS: I was a private student of PG Edgar Sulite from the time he arrived in America until his untimely death and am an instructor in the system. It is an important influence on Dog Brothers Martial Arts.


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          Will do.

          I apologize for that.


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            I live near you and I train at the midwest kodenkan. They have a dekiti tirsia sirada kali class there. you can look them up on the net if you are curious. I have dabbled in Modern Arnis, Degerberg filipino arts, Lameco escrima, serrada escrima, and pekiti tirsia escrima and I have to say that DTS kali is a great style. It is about 40 minutes from me so it shouldn't be that much further for you. If you have any more specific questions please let me know. I started there at the end of june 2009.


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              I really am not that far in Libertyville. I am certified by Guro dan, Ron Balicki, Rick faye, and have Grandmaster Atillo in this weekend. We do a lot of Lameco. check out NorthShore Academy of Martial Arts