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  • Crafty Dog's new Saturday Class

    Let the Howl go Forth:

    I would like to announce the beginning of a Saturday class at 11:00 on Saturday July 25th in Dog Brothers Martial Arts. The class will be held either in Hermosa Beach or Redondo Beach.

    In DBMA we look for our training to be three things: fun, fit, and functional.

    1) FUN: For us to continue our training over time and to grow in the Art and to grow into whom we are meant to be, the training should be Fun-- or perhaps that which once upon a time was called "the pursuit of happiness". (For those interested see the discussion at Nicomachean Ethics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for the Aristotlean origin of the phrase "the pursuit of happiness" in our Declaration of Independence , , , but I digress , , , how rare)

    2) FITNESS: Our life-long path as a warrior should produce good health, not batter us into crippling later years. The better one's health and animal vitality, the better the results-- in everday Life itself and in defense of Life. Although we are known for our "Dog Brothers Real Contact Stickfighting", in DBMA we are proud of both the efficacy and the safety of our training methods.

    3) FUNCTIONAL: The training should produce results in the real world. If thanks to our training we see clearer into other people and if we see problems developing sooner, then we may be able to prevent things from coming to a head. Similarly, if we know who we are and what we can do, we should be less susceptible to allowing others to draw us into foolish incidents. And should it be necessary to act, we should have a good sense of how to operate effectively and to act with Consciousness in the adrenal state.

    In closing I want to make it clear that ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. Certainly those inclined to "Dog Brothers Real Contact Stickfighting" will feel quite at home ;-) but I wish to make it perfectly clear that NO ONE WILL BE PRESSURED INTO DOING MORE THAN HE WANTS TO DO. This is a class for students and practitioners of all ages as well as competitive fighters-- in short, anyone looking to walk as a warrior for all his days.

    If you are interested, please contact me at and tell me a bit about yourself, including your goals, age, height, weight, fitness level, experience, training (what systems, which teachers, for how long, etc).

    The Adventure continues,
    Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
    Dog Brothers Inc. (this is here as part of protecting me personally from law suits)
    Head Instructor
    Dog Brothers Martial Arts
    310-543-7521 (a 24 hour number)
    Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts

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      We met yesterday and had a fine time.

      Due to my seminar schedule and a family vacation, we decided to begin regularly scheduled classes on Saturday Sept. 5.


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        Like a dog left alone with unattended food, I cannot resist , , ,

        Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts