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Dog Bros Euro Gathering 09 Report

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  • Dog Bros Euro Gathering 09 Report

    Posted on behalf of Lonely Dog:


    Hi Marc

    I'm sitting here on the floor in our new and empty apartment. We just moved in yesterday. Today we clean the old apartment and I will unplug my computer in the next minutes. I will have no internet access for the next days. so I took the opportunity to write a short Gathering report...

    Please post it for me on the forum.



    Gathering 2009 in Bern

    This year we had like last year 2 days of fighting. The “Tribal Gathering” on Friday and the “Regular Gathering” on Saturday. On Friday we had 40 fighters, and on Saturday even some more. The fighters came from various countries (Switzerland, Germany, England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Poland and USA).

    Unfortunately this year Guro could not be with us so I had to host the event by myself. I have to admit that I was quite nervous… I would like to thank Guro Marc for the trust in me.

    After I open the day with the magic words, I continued with reading a letter that Guro Marc sent me. While reading the letter I wore Marc’s famous jeans jacket, which he gave me after he promoted me to Guro. With wearing that jacket I wanted to underline that in spirit he is here with us all.

    “A Howl of Greeting to All:
    Due to the change of date of the Euro Gathering to a date which conflicts with family commitments, I am not able to be there with you this time.

    It certainly feels very strange and unsettling to not be at a Gathering, but upon reflection I realize that the fact that my vision of the Dog Brothers which began so long ago has gotten to a point where I CAN miss a day is really a sign of tremendous progress towards the birth of a tribe which will outlive us all. For this, I am deeply happy.”

    While reading the last 2 sentences I really had goose bumps… the letter continued with:

    ”For those of you fighting for the first time and are worried about whether you will fight well, allow me to ask you a three part question:
    Remember the first time you had sex? Were you any good at it? Have you gotten better since then?

    What matters is that you keep on being here in this space-- for these are days in which you will create and install in your spirit the place where you are forever young so that you will walk as a warrior for all your days.

    As you step out into the magical space, feel the gift of your aliveness and be present in the moment.

    The Learning that takes place in the adrenal state is some of the deepest and highest that there is. The greater the adrenal state, the profounder the Learning. The greater the state of Play, the better the result. The more that one can move in both directions simultaneously, the better. "The greater the dichotomy, the profounder the transformation. Higher consciousness through harder contact." (c)

    See you all next time.
    Crafty Dog
    Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers.”

    Now everybody was very motivated to start the day.

    As last year we decided go without the warm up knife rounds, so it was again a almost stick only day. As usual most fights were done with single sticks or double stick. Although we had also some nice fights with some exotic weapons. “Dog” Andy Hommel who trained and explored the last years a lot with flexible weapons had some great fights with: Nunchaku, Flail, and 3 sectional staff.

    On both days, we had a lot of great fights. It was amazing to see the progress that many fighters did since the last year. Most fights were very technical and ones could recognize that the fighters followed game plans and strategies. We saw many fights on a high level and with great spirit. Although the fights were though we had only a few injuries.

    Both days I organized a barbeque for the fighters, so we could sit around the Campfire and chat about the this adventure and that it will continued…

    After I had a council of elders meeting through phone call with Marc, I had the permission to do the “Dog Dubbing” on Sunday during the seminar.

    The “Council of Elders” is proud to announce the new members of the Tribe.

    Marcus "Giri Dog" Schillinger

    Andy "C-Flexi Dog" Hommel
    Jerome “C-Frisbee Dog” Challon
    Peter "C-Grumpy Dog" Fray
    Thomas "C-Sword Dog" Rickert
    Torben "C-Old Dog" Lorenian
    Chris “C-Rogue Dog” Smith
    Martin “C-? Dog” Blatter (Tinu asked me to give him a name, still need some time to find a good one)

    Lynn "C-Psycho Bitch " Brown
    "Cat" Heather Kerr

    "Dog" Davide Musi
    "Dog" Heiko Zauske
    "Dog" Manfred Schilka
    "Dog" Shanu Singh
    "Dog" Stefan Ramsauer
    "Dog" Thorsten Picker
    "Dog" Thomas Britschgi
    "Dog" Simon Godsland

    All in all it was a very exciting and successful event. And we all are looking forward with anticipation to the next Euro Gathering in July 2010.

    Guro Benjamin “Lonely Dog” Rittiner

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    Thank you very much for the update, good to see this kind of spirit working without boundaries!

    And props to Benjamin Ritter for bringing the Dog Brothers to Europe!