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Larong Moro-Moro: The Shroud of Arnis de Mano

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  • Larong Moro-Moro: The Shroud of Arnis de Mano

    The long-awaited new book by Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet has been published.

    "Larong Moro-Moro: The Shroud of Arnis de Mano" details the history, philosophy, and importance of the moro-moro, the play containing mock battles that allowed the Filipinos to hide and organize their fighting arts during Spanish colonial times. A preview and link to order the book can be found at Larong MORO-MORO The Shroud of Arnis de Mano FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS by Abundio Baet in Sports & Adventure


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