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Instructor Program Virginia Beach, Virginia 7th Year MARCH 26TH - 31st.

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  • Instructor Program Virginia Beach, Virginia 7th Year MARCH 26TH - 31st.

    Instructor Kali Silat Program 7th Year INSTRUCTORS ANY ART ARE WELCOME

    917 535 KALI (5254) This is our 7TH year of providing for growth and development in the Philippine Martial Arts. You can be an instructor, by sharing openly with the material we learn, like no other, with reviews from well known credentials in the Philippine & Indonesian Martial Arts. This program will not make you instructor. You have to begin by learning the system, and practice, practice, practice.

    When you share the material with your friends, family and neighbors you will begin to learn, and grow commensurate with the practice YOU MAKE. Grow with us by helping others in this exciting art and science, we call Kali Silat, Arnis, Eskrima.

    5 Days training starts March 26st, through March 31st, come one or all days. The program will stress the footwork, methods of striking systems, in stick and in blade, there will be a greater emphasis on the empty hands when you complete the system. Please contact me for permission to join, and become a part of a team that spreads Kali Silat by sharing the skills with others, it helps us all to grow.

    Email me at or need more proof, visit Testimony From Those That Know Me & Have Worked With Us. and see what people that have worked with me are saying. You will not get this overnight, remember it takes time, sometime years, before you get it right. Through hard work, pressure, and a strong desire to grow you will succeed by patience and practice, practice, practice. Did I say practice, 1 in 2000 continues for the rest of their life, I consider myself that, and by helping others I too continue to grow.

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    Regards, Greg Alland WORLDWIDE. CLASSES: Saturdays Bradenton, FL at G.T. Bray Park 51 Street West. Class: 8:am-11:am (646) 571-4182, Virginia Beach, VA. Saturdays at Hybrid Academy Davis & Va.Beach Blvd. NEW YORK CITY, Chinatown, 8:am Saturday & Sunday. PHILIPPINES TOUR & TRAINING 7th-21st, 2010 3 WEEKS with Masters & Grandmasters at University Philippines, & Cebu City's Doce Pares HOME OF ESKRIMA EMAIL 4 details A Kali, Arnis, Pencak Silat, Site for Self Defense, Seminars, Videos, Newsletters of these Indonesia / Malaysia / Philippine Martial Arts search Greg Alland
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