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Starting a Training Group in Dallas,Texas

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  • Starting a Training Group in Dallas,Texas

    Hey everyone. This is Guro Mike Pana of Bayani Warrior Group (Home - Bayani Warrior Group). I will be in the Dallas, Texas area in the very near future and I was wondering if anyone would like to get a feel in what Bayani Warrior has to offer. I am simply trying to get an idea of the response in the Dallas, Texas area (I will be mainly around the Los Colinas and Addison area). I am looking to start up a training group in Dallas, Texas within the next year, so I am trying to get a feel as to whether or not people would be interested in future seminars in the area, or if people would like to start up a Bayani Warrior training group there.

    If you are interested, please respond to this thread. I hope the New Year is treating all of you well!

    Happy Training!

    Guro Mike Pana
    Chief Instructor Bayani Warrior Group
    Ambassador: Sayoc Global LLC.
    Atienza Kali Apprentice 5

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    I'm sure you will do well. I would certainly visit if I didn't live so far from Texas!


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      Thank you so much sir! Wish you could come out!

      I look forward to meeting FMA practitioners from all over Dallas! Take care.

      -Guro Mike Pana


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        Hey Guro Mike,

        Good luck with the new group! Say hi to all my friends in the Atienza Family!

        Guro Steve L.


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          Thanks Guro Steve! Hope you're well!


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            Guro Mike Panna,

            I think you will be pleased: I believe there are quite a few Filipino MA enthusiasts in DFW area. If you go to MEETUP.COM, you can see there are already a few Kali groups. If you use the website to announce your class, you'll no doubt get some interest.