Les Moore commented on my status:
"You were the only one to come and train us in the army at Fort Bragg during the 1980's. You were the first one that had us spar seriously with weapons. You were the only one then who had a rep in the army. Your art is the one we used to shape our combatives system. Everybody else was either make believe or johnny-come-late."

Greetings from Greg Alland, Bradenton, Fl. I would love to visit you for a seminar. If you can organize a program for Kali & Silat in your area? Please visit us at KaliSilat.org/store.html for our latest developments and DVDs available. And then can me to organize a program. Email or call me: Greg Alland (917-535-KALI (5254) or MasGuru@KaliSilat.org Thank you, I look forward to working with you. Greg Alland 37 years in Kali Silat and over 40 National and International programs, and 5 trips to the Philippines in Manila and Cebu.

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