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Happy 78th Birthday Manong Dan Inosanto!

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  • Happy 78th Birthday Manong Dan Inosanto!

    Yesterday was Manong Inosanto's 78th birthday ... didn't have a chance to post here.


    I made 3 animated GIF sets of Manong Dan Insanto in action in honor of his birthday!

    Happy 78th Birthday Manong Dan Inosanto!! (Baston y Daga animated GIF set)

    Enjoy 3 more GIFs here:

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    Manong Dan Inosanto - Malong/Stickgrappling GIFs

    Enjoy 2 more GIF’s here:


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      "Hey Sticks!" - Dan Inosanto X Steven Seagal animated GIF Set

      Enjoy 9 more GIFs here including one of the complete scene:

      Happy 78th Birthday Manong Inosanto!!


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        Gifs are really so cute and happy 78th Birthday to you. Life is so beautiful and you know what I would love to talk to you on your birthday just to know about what life experiences you faced and what is your perception about life. I hope able to find rush essay updates as well on your blog.


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          I am happy for Manong Dan Inosanto that it is his 78th birthday. I am thinking of finding some 40th birthday quotes to wish him Happy Birthday and so that he feels young because of them.