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  • Kalis Ilustrisimo Seminars

    Hello Everyone!
    Another great upcoming training event(s)!!

    Guro Steve L.

    Kalis Ilustrisimo Seminars with Ray Floro

    Raymond Floro, a direct student of Tatang Ilustrisimo, Master Tony Diego, and Master Romeo Macapagal, will be teaching Kalis Ilustrisimo for his first seminar series in the USA. There are only two opportunities to meet and train with Master Floro in this series:

    Manchester, NH

    When: September 13th (11:00 – 3:30) and September 14th (10:00am – 3:00pm)
    Where: Bujinkan Dojo
    250 Commercial st, Suite 2008
    Manchester, NH, 03101
    Cost: Single day = $90.0, Both days = $150.0
    Contact Steven Lefebvre at, or call (603) 668-3181

    San Jose California

    When: September 20th and 21st
    Anyone who wishes to attend this seminar must be paid by September 1st. Please contact Michael Jen at or call (408) 531 - 1001

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    I have been told from several sources that Master Diego, currently is not interested in traveling outside of the Philippines and Master Macapagal can't travel, for whatever reason.

    Eskrimador - "never judge a book by it's cover" Ray Floro, is actually in very good shape and is a highly skilled practitioner of Kalis Ilustrisimo. We hit it off when explaining the two systems we both practice to each other. Which lead to our upcoming seminar. Have you had the opportunity to train with Master Diego, or Macapagal?

    Guro Steve L.


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      i will be training with master diego next year..LOOKING FORWARD to the 4weeks training ill do with him...

      i would not in anyway what so ever train with floro i dont like his attitude...
      also he is down the line a bit

      EVEN FLORO WOULD ADMIT THAT.....!!!!!!!!


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        Hello Eskrimador,

        Ray, only speaks with the highest respect of his teachers, and has already offered to introduce me to them if/when I can get out to the Philippines.

        Not every teacher is for every student. Ray and I hit it off and get along very well. Maybe you did catch him on a bad day??

        Guro Steve L.


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          i think i did..

          has he altered his teaching or is he teaching the kalis system as taught to him?

          good luck with the sem

          are you going to go to the philippines for training...


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            Hello Again,

            1) I don't know how what he teaches compares to his teachers. I do know that everyone tends to develop their own way within a style though so I wouldn't be surprised if things were different.

            2) I would like to get over there some time in the future! My current schedule of life, prevents this but time changes everything.

            All the best

            Guro Steve L.


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              Ray Floro

              If you doubt Rays ability, why not ask Tony Diego himself, you will hear nothing but praise.

              I'm a student of Raymond Floro and I have over 20 years experience in martial arts, yet am I to find someone as approachable, knowledgable, and skilled as Raymond. Tony may be better, I haven't had the pleasure to train with him but I can tell you that Raymond sure as hell knows his stuff. As for not giving a @@@@, many of us living in Australia will give that impression, we seem very laid back, but don't judge a book by the cover, we prefer to let our actions do the talking


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                I sense......a presence.....................

                one I have not felt since................

                .......The great "Kali" debate.



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                  Sorry to interrupt the fun ... Ray, for your San Jose seminars, are you planning to teach mostly stick, or mostly knife, or 50/50, or ??? Thanks!



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                    Hi Joe,

                    I've been requested by Michael Jen to do a completely knife seminar.

                    I will be showing you my bread and butter moves. The ones I personally use when I spar. The moves that I rely on in street encounters, and the ones my students have used in actual street fights.

                    I'll give you several options as well, as everybody moves in different ways.

                    You'll find what I teach is very simple, but very SUBTLE, which is the trademark of the Ilustrisimo system.

                    It will be the same curriculum that I use to teach the Australian Military, US Special Forces and the Korean Special Forces.

                    If you have more specific questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.



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                      The beauty of the Ilustrisimo system and Rays knife work is the simplicity and adaptability. I train with Ray but run my own school teaching a completely different art. However I have found that Illustrisimo is a great "piggy back" system, in the way that I can build his techniques into my own classes without any conflict. I also findthat whether its a knife, a stick, a mobile phone or a pool cue, I can use the same techniques and they work for whatever I have in my hand at the time.


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                        Originally posted by rayfloro
                        Hi Joe,

                        I've been requested by Michael Jen to do a completely knife seminar.

                        Sold! I enjoy stick work but it's not my focus right now. Definitely up for a knife seminar.



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                          That's great Joe,

                          Looking forward to meeting you...!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            Eskrimadore seems rather hypocritical when he lectures others about respect and humility.

                            He expresses a strange mixture of exaggerated nationalist bravado mixed with crass rudeness and outright psychological instability. We banned a couple of nutbuckets like this a few months ago. Time to take out the trash again.



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                              Time to take out the trash again
                              I love it when that happens.