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    or Pukulan Cjimande....the difference in spelling has to do with a difference in Dutch interpretation of the Indonesian language.

    I trained briefly with an advanced practitioner of the system. It was a very dynamic system and influenced by both Chinese and Indonesian arts.

    Alot of the empty-handed work is on infighting. The hand techniques that use palms, fists and low kicks seem something like wingchun, there are some nice takedowns, sweeps and joint locking techniques which look like something between the chinese and indonesian influence. The blade work looks heavily indonesian and is very scientific.

    Anyone else know about the system or train in it longer than a year?

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    I think I might have read something about that style...

    Pukulan: from 'pukul' or 'bukul' , to strike or to collide, 'an' : the study of, the study of striking. A Dutch Indonesian slang usage. It is not the idea of striking with the fist, but the colliding of bodies. Also 'poekoelan' (archaic)

    Tji: literally "flows from a river" - The prefix that identifies a styling from Western Java. It is taken to mean 'style' or school, and the 'river' is a river of knowledge - it has nothing whatsoever to do with low river valleys. Tjimande, Tjikalong, Tjimatjan, Tjimonjet and others are examples. It also would imply a 'village' system; restricted to the inhabitants of a particular locale and maybe to the members of a particular family. A great rivalry exists between the various systems with long standing feuds in blood.

    Tjimande: Brother art to Serak, founded by Mas Kair (perhaps Mas Djoet) passed to Pa Atma of Tjimahi near Bogor, West Java, to Carl van Deerns, the father in law of Guru Tuan Willem and so to Joyce and Willem DeThouars.


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      Cimande may be more than a spelling variation, according to my sources there are more than 300 styles of Cimande silat...

      The Internet is so cool. Twenty-five years ago anything silat was secret. Today it seems like a tsunami of silat! Everyone has a Cousin-Uncle or Grandpa with a style of his\her own! Awesome!


      Educational article that I'd rather not C&P... Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak (brother art to Tjimande)


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        silat chemandi is well known for its artistic moves...chemandi is actually monkey....thats why u will see the hanging palm movement....the exact stail of this silat i would say javanese oriented...alot of eye movement in the tari sembah and the intricate move.the low kicks is uniquely chemandi because it kicks like punching fist..the toes are folded in....once at the world championship the arts catagories,silat chemandi from indonesia brought their own musician and the instruments alone weight 1000 kg!..beautiful arts...salam