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  • Meripati putih

    Okay...I don't know too much about it...but here's a site I found...

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    The style looks a bit similar to Sumatran pencak silat. I don't think i have any other opinion since i was taught a much more "softer" style for a short period of time.


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      merpati putih means white dove
      but if u can..could u check the style of the silat when its on waiting stance..and how does it react to punches...does it move before the hit or wait and evade before striking.all silat is a bit similar...but i dont think merpati putih have anything to do with a dove...theres a meaning behind it...mer pati putih...
      pati is ascence...putih refered to white knowledge...knowlede of the being and god...try to find the meaning and see how the mistery unfold...


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        you find merpati putih?


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          Merpati Putih is traditional javanese pencak silat, this name is acronime from MERsudi PAtitising TIndak PUsakane TItising Hening means finding the right actions by silent, they teach breathing methode to get power, it's a big power, but they have also 'getaran' or 'vibration' is a holistic or method to grow up your bio electron, but the most important is the philosophy it self, you can't learn self defence well without understanding their philosophy.


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            Hey everybody.

            Zimbah, I know Merpati Putih is from Central Java, so I believe you know what you're talking about. But I've heard that it was used to train the Sultan's guards and only in more recent history has been taught to the public. What you're describing with power through breath control sounds similar to Nampon from West Java, which is an ''internal'' art. It seems like the Sultan's guards would have wanted a more hands-on method to protect their leader. Could you share some more information on this art, so I might add to my limited understanding of it.

            Terus, itu menarik tentang akronimnya. Pasti bahasa Jawa, bukan? Oleh karena itu saya tidak mengerti maksudnya. Terima Kasih.