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Kapu Kiualua and pentak silat, kuntao

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  • Kapu Kiualua and pentak silat, kuntao

    If anyone knows where I can find info on kapu kiualua (hawaiin art of bone breaking) are similiar to pentak silat and kuntao. I'm looking for Kazja tapes. This would be incredibly helpful. thank you.

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    I may be of some help. Which tapes are you looking for, and what info can I provide you with about Hawaiian Martial Arts, there are actually several, and I dont know if the ones you're looking for are what you are REALLY looking for. Are you looking for Traditional Lua or Kazjas brand in particular?


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      Kazjas brand! Do you have these could you Pm me. Thank for the help!


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        Haumana, I have some ? about Hawaiian Martial Arts if you could pm me or email. Thanks


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          I do have some of Kazjas Videos and have spoken with both him (Kazja Patchul) and his haumana (students) on many occasions. Many of his movements are based on traditional lua, but much of it is not so much. The Kualaau or stickfighting is mostly escrima and I have an old phone book ad of his which stated he taught escrima. I would have to say that it is mostly hybrid limalama with some lua, and some submissions, and some boxing blended in. Hes a very cool guy a "little intense for some" but even Olohe Kaihewalu who has in the past been criticized by the elders back home has stated to me his distaste for what is being sold as lua by that camp. Is it effective? Yeah I feel that there are benefits and a lot of it has merit. I am simply trying to figure out if you are looking for true LUA (by the way psst..) you would never call the guardian deity as Kapu kuialua. Last I spoke with Kumu Kazja he was no longer teaching except for a small private group, and also focusing on his website

          At any rate I have his trapping tape, his weapons tape, and street defense tapes. I will try and pm you to see if I can aid further. By the way , if you want to see some awesome truly island specific stick work, check out maori mau rakau, I have had the privelege of training with a few groups, and it is not only super fast and effective but they spar with it called riri watea, some pretty cool stuff. anywhoo,
          aloha, salamat, thank you.


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            Thanks for all the great info!!! Im very interested in lua.


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              haumana2000, do you know were Kumu Kazja learned his Lua from?


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                In talks with him in the past, he stated that he learned from his friends who were all Hawaiian/Samoans where he grew up. Now I know that Tino Tuiolosega states that his Limalama originated from thirteen different stickfighting methods that he learned as a boy, but the two are not only completely different islands, they are usually relegated to be taught to a very very select group of people. Is it possible? sure, and he does have many Lua movements within what he used to teach, but where he got them im not sure. It also depends where he was at the time, because if he was on the mainland the only ones really spreading Lua outside of Hawaii was Olohe Kaihewalu who caught a tremendous amount of slack from the Kupuna (elders) and Olohe David Nuuhiwa who was also in California at the time. If he learned it in the Islands, it would have been much hared to him as a haole. Some of the people I have been blessed to to kokua with train at kamehameha schools and you can't even get onto the grounds without a sponsor or unless you are a verifiable poly. There are several different groups there though known by the term pa' or training compound they come from or type of lua they train in. Some more traditional than others, some very much protocol based, some with more sparring but all very serious and spiritual. I think Kumu Miguel Haynes was teaching in Kazja's stead last i heard.. Maybe look him up??

                oh sorry i havent gotten back to you, ive been really busy..


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                  Thanks for the reply tried to find Miguel Haynes on the net with no luck. Could you email me or give me a call about Kazja videos very interested in these. Also I have almost all silat videos, kuntao and kali if you needed any of these. Kuntao Rick Hernandez moves very explosive just like Kazja and I have all his tapes. I have looked everywhere for these tapes internet,amazon and ebay. I think your the only one North America that has a copy of these!! Just kidding. I would be helpful, Thanks Again


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                    Haha fair enough and Ive often heard that( about those tapes) ! I'll call you later today when I can.

                    Here is my one and only tyrade

                    I wrote a book a couple of years ago entitled "TOA" Contrasts in the Island Warriors" that caused quite a stir within the elders who oddly enough had enabled me to write it. Sadly one of the elders back home in Hawaii had asked if I could leave the master copy with him to proofread and make additions to, then kept it. Sudddenly all correspondance ceased, I couldnt get a hold of anyone and I got the serious blow off by some of those I had respected as peers there. Now I see all of a sudden, BAM! the First book written on the art of Lua hitting newstands.


                    Now onto to other things, I am in the process of re-writing the manuscript as I do have a couple of printed copies of my firtst drafts. It essentially is an overview of the ethos, warrior culture and martial traditions of the 3 principal regions of the pacific 1. Polynesia 2. Melanesia 3. Micronesia, from martial dance, to tattooing traditions, to martial arts, It has outstanding contributions from some authorities on the various subjects, and Vincent Giordano who posts here aided me tremendously in my research on the Micronesian Martial art of Bwang. So maybe when we speak I can help you further understand some of the similarities. You are right to have an interest in the Kuntao/Kuntaw/ FMA similarities to the Pacific Isle arts. I am first and foremost a Pinoy FMA practitioner, but our ties martially, socially, geographically and socially with Oceania are unmistakeable. (Speaking as opposed to (asia proper).



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                      I will be looking forward to your call. I looked a long time for the same movements of kuntao. What I look for is body moving as a unit, intent, being explosive and slapping the body after each hit or also called poppin. Only some kuntao and kumu kazja seem to have what I'm looking for. There are alot of the same movements. I have copies of of 2 books of lua very interesting.