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Complete Pencak Silat Excercises

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  • Complete Pencak Silat Excercises

    Silat is not just how to fight or how to use the weapons, but the important thing is when and why we do that..pencak silat is a way of life, to make you control your body, mind, soul and spiritual..the great fight is not in the arena or in the street, the great fight is on your self..fight to your anger, passions, arrogancy etc, ..this is the javanese wise word :
    1. Sekti Tanpa Aji.
    ( means being powerfull without any (magic) power )
    2. Glurug Tanpa Bala
    ( attack or struggle the enemy without any forces )
    3. Menang Tan Ngasorake
    ( Wining but never make the enemy being lose )
    Sharp your 'jurus' as well as you sharpen your heart and then you will never hurt anybody, right ?

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    Cool...are you going to post these exercises up? It's incredibly hard to find a Pencak Silat instructor in Utah, and it is even hard to find reliable information about on-line...I would like to see some of these exercises so perhaps I could encorporate their movements into the other things I practice, or just get a little taste of the art. (I'm not presumptious enough to think I can teach myself an art)


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      Yup..i'll post next, perhaps not the movement or we call 'jurus' but it will be more developing your skill, your speed, your power but the most important is your heart. Martial arts are the same all over the world, they teach you how to punch, to kick to grab and others to win the fight. I just want to show the other side of Pencak Silat, the philosophy, to be a grand master or 'pendekar' ,in javanese, is to be 'satriyo pinandhito' means mastering the fighting style like a knight but having heart like a monk, that is a perfect human based on javanese culture. In my experiences the skills will getting better as I know more about 'my self'