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White Crane Silat?

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  • White Crane Silat?

    Does anyone know about this type of silat (white crane silat)? I was reading something that it has roots in the sholin temple (I don't know is most silat have some relation to it). Thanks for any info.

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    Try this link


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      Thanks I took a quick look at it earlier today, It looked pretty cool. I am going to look at it a little more detailed tonight. Oh, would you know if White Crane Silat and other styles of Silat are pretty much the same? Reading up on this White Crane Silat so far, it sounds a lot like kung fu (ok well the do say it came from the sholin temple). For some reason, I guess I was thinking Silat would be more along the lines of FMA's (which I have taken).


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        Yeah, I think White Crane is heavily influenced by kung fu & doesn't seem to have that much similarity to the Silat that I study.

        Yes, many forms of Silat are closely related to FMAs, so other forms will have nuch more in common with what you have allready stusied.

        Choosing a style depends on what you want from Silat. Some styles would be perfect for enhancing the unarmed aspects of many FMAs.

        Then of course there's finding a teacher................


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          There are huge variations in styles of Silat. Sometimes styles can be similar if they're from the same general region, but even then they may not be. Saying Silat is about as broad as saying Kung Fu, or even Martial Arts in general.

          That style seems to be mixed with Chinese Kuntao, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, imo. (I practice Kuntao Silat myself) Seems pretty neat, I think you should check out a few classes and see how you like it.

          Check out this link to Martial Talk. A guy here talks about White Crane Silat and what styles of Silat go into it.