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Please tell me about silat

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    thanks for all the comments guys, and sorry if i hi-jacked your thread jiu-fu


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      Originally posted by Gajah Silat View Post
      Hi, my main style is Harimau Berantai, the family style of guru Jack Othman-who incidentaly also owns a Muay Thai Gym in Kuala Lumpur. There are certainly similarities with Silat and Muay Boran-probably due to hundreds of years of Malays & Thais fighting! We actualy do have specific 'answers' to many typical MT attacks. We also have the MT low shin kick which is the only one when we don't use the heel.

      As for close up, yes that way we have control of and anticipation of the opponents intent, which is something you will be familiar with as a Judeka. However, we don't usualy tend to throw people 'away' - just the opposite. We like to have them close and then go for a lock...or of course a kick, and we also train to drop onto the head/ neck with full bodyweight using our knees.

      We also certainly use knees. We may manouver around the opponent and take them down onto a knee! We train to use all of the body-this even includes headbuts.

      Now, bring a knife into the equation and things are taken to a whole new level. Hits, locks and throws can all be done to great effect with a knife. With a basic short bladed knife, for us a pisau or belati, we can hook, push or pull with the blade. This, in theory at least, gives the opportunity to 'not kill' the opponent....we dont have to stab or go for a main artery, rather take out an arm or leg. We can even use the flat of a blade to employ a lock.

      (Sensible bit!) Of course it would be almost suicidal to get into a real knife fight....but then again I believe it is foolish not to explore knifework, as certainly in the UK if you get killed in a fight it's usualy a with knife.

      Thank you for that. It was good to read that there is some intent to maim rather than kill in your style. It is interesting to read that you may employ the back blade for locking /choking as well. It is good to teach someone the value of mortality and simply change their mind about the intent they have to cause harm. It's not so hard to do, mostly it's a game of the psyche.

      Steel tends to do that...


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        Originally posted by The_Judo_Jibboo View Post
        thanks for all the comments guys, and sorry if i hi-jacked your thread jiu-fu
        No worries,

        I am just sitting back and learning.

        I thank you, and everybody else for all the input and information

        Jiu fu


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          Actually it's a Penchak Silat.